Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chantilly Continued

This is the residential area of Chantilly at the beginning of Round 11.
The Beach house is the Nova home
The main Becker house is the top right
The Flylar house is middle on the right
The Pitt's house is the middle house on the left
The second Becker house is the top left

Round 11
Becker #1: Beginnings and Endings
Flylar : Family
Nova: Next Generation
Becker #2: New Family
Pitts: Adult Time
Sim State University: Chantilly Plaza Dorm
Sim State University: Girls House
Sim State University: Cupiditas Domus Boys

Round 12
Becker #1: Parties, Parties and more Parties
Flylar : Ladies
Nova: Children Everywhere
Becker #2: Family Chaos
Pitts: New Kind of Family
Newson: Starting Out
Upsnott: Apartment Living
Lind: Wedding & Honeymoon
Lind: New Family, Old House
Sims State University: Twin Trouble

Round 13
Becker #1: Teaching and Growing
Flylar: Boys
Nova: New Skill's
Becker #2: Birthday's
Pitts: Babies, Babies, Babies
Newson: Family
Upsnott: Growing Up

Round 14


Anonymous said...

Chantilly is so quaint and pretty! I'm happy for you (& a bit jealous :) that you got a better laptop and have time to play. I look forward to reading.

ciyrose said...

I'm all caught up now, and will be excited waiting a new chapter for Chantilly.