Thursday, September 10, 2009

Becker: Friends and Parties

Keith Elder.jpg Keith: The week started out like many with another party at our house. I have officially become an 'elder'. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

Holly Elder.jpg Holly still looks beautiful to me. She seems to find any excuse for a party a good one, this was no exception.

snapshot_557d6f61_178e0681.jpg As always the whole family came to the party. Even Edward was able to come home for the evening and join in the fun.

Elder Party.jpg Like most of our parties it was a roof raiser. At least this time we remembered to turn down the music before the police where called, we've had a few parties ended that way.

Keith Retirement.jpg The next day I decided it was time to retire. Edward will be coming home soon, he had mentioned a girl called Ivy but nothing much in the past little while, Edward is only mentioning Daniel and Bailey.

Elder Fitness.jpg Holly and I figure we'll be a little bit older than my parents where when we started having children so we better be in the best shap possible to help out with our Grand kids when they come along.

Girls Study.jpg The girls have been hard at work studying for their final exams, no surprise they both did very well. Loren is going to be following in family tradition and going to Sim State University but Addison has decided to join a few of her friends and go to Chantilly Tech. Addison want's to be a Celebrity Chef and Chantilly Tech has a more hands courses for their programs.

Job.jpgThe High School students where offered the opportunity to go away to a summer camp. Addison jumped at the opportunity while Loren decided that she wanted to stick around town and get a job at the new Cafe that opened up along the beach. She's a very social young lady and figures what better way to spend the summer than by the beach.

snapshot_557d6f61_f78add29.jpgWith Addison away and Loren out of the house from morning till night I've found myself catching up on some reading. I've been studying up on Life Long happiness, I think Holly and I already had that one figured out.

Garden Club.jpg Holly figured with all the time she had on her hads it would be well spent in the garden. It didn't take her long till it was ready to show the Garden Club. They where Very impressed with all the work she had put into it. We now have a wishing well to add to the garden.

Silver Sales.jpg Loren has been working really hard at her job. She came home one night with a silver badge in Sales. She loves the job, she say's she get's to meet lots of new people.

Addison Car.jpg The summer is close to done, Addison had a great time at camp though I'm sure there is something she's not telling us. The first thing she wanted to do when she got home was work on her car. She say's it's the one thing she missed while she was away.

Addison's Car.jpg Addison finally got the engine working so it was time to paint the car.

Fix.JPG While Addison was busy working on the car Loren was busy working on everything else in the house. My girls really have a nac for fixing things.

Finished Car.jpg Once the car was finished Addison yelled to Loren that they where going to the park for the afternoon.

Park.jpgAddison spent the afternoon playing basketball while Loren got distracted by the boys around.

End of Summer.jpg The girls have taken a liking to poker, we're happy to pass on the tradition we had of playing poker at Sim State.

Poker with Grandparents.jpg When the girls aren't out with friends we do manage to spend some quality time with them playing a few hands of poker.

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