Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chantilly Academy: Last Week of School

Everybody Loves Frederick.jpgChantilly Academy is where most of the children in Chantilly go. All the families find a way to pay the school fees though they are quite resonable. All the girls seem to swoon over Frederick Pitt's, their all friends with Henry but they all go gooey over Frederick.

Addison Admire.jpgAddison spends a lot of time checking herself out in the mirror. It's more because she has a secret crush and she's not sure how to go about handaling it. Her crush is dating someone.

Anthony Madison.jpgAnthony and Madison are best friends, they always seek each other out.

Lunch.jpgThe cafeteria is always busy and noisy at lunch time. The teenagers always have lots to get caught up on.

Sneak some time.jpg Hannah and Justin always find some time to sneak off to a quiet corner together.

Twins.jpgThis is what freaks me out, this is Tamara Newson an Loren Becker, can you tell them apart? I think a makeover is in order.

Grade 12.jpgThe Grade 12 class can never sit in their seats. It drives the teacher crazy.

Grad School.jpgMr Connor much prefers the Grade school class he teaches, they actually sit and do their work leaving him some time to do some studying of his own.


jungfrun68 said...

The school looks great! Like to be there myself!

ciyrose said...

Wow, nice school. So glad to have seen updates!