Saturday, February 21, 2009

Becker #1: Parties, Parties and more Parties

Kevin: I never imagined how much I would love being a father but I do. Holly is pregnant with our second child and I love to just talk to the baby and rub Holly's belly. I think she's goingn to hit me the next time I go for her tummy, I think I may be overdoing it a little.

Edward is so funny some times. He love's to dance whenever someone is playing the piano. I think I play the piano more just to see Edward rocking back and forth.

My Mum has always been great with kids and she love's Edward to death. I think teaching Edward to walk was one of her favorite things to do.

Holly has always love to sing, teaching Edward to sing nursery rhymes seemed the most natural thing in the world for her to do.

I think Holly is hungry most of the time with this pregnancy. It doesn't matter what time of day or night I think I have found her cooking something in the kitchen.

At first I thought it was Holly getting up for a snack in the middle of the night. I was wrong. Holly went into labor in the middle of the night.

I knew there was something different about this pregnancy, I now have twin girls. Loren looks like me and Addison looks like Holly. I can't believe I have two little girls.

Soon after the twins where born I managed to make my Life Time Want of becoming the Hand of Poseidon . I don't think my life could get much better.

Edward's birthday was the next party we had. I love to have the family over, I think the Becker's will take any chance to have a party.

Edward really is a mix between Holly and I. Edward has Holly's skin tone and the Becker facial features.

I love coming home to my family, Edward will come running out of the house and give me a hug and for now Holly isn't working so she's always there too.

We added a new room to the house, we didn't really need another room in the house we just thought it would be nice for the kids to have a room of their own to hang out in with there friends. Often Jason & Laura come over with Daniel and Andrew and Kerry bring Bailey over. The three kids love to play Don't wake the Llama's.

We always have extra's over for dinner. I don't remember when we haven't at least had someone from work come over after and stay for dinner.

I had heard stories from Tara about her grandfather Eric occasional showing up to haunt the family home.

Later that same night Toby made a surprise visit to his Great grand son's room and woke him up, scaring him in the process.

My mum has been a great help with the kids, she even managed to potty train Addison.

The twins love to play in the new kid's room. Both of them love to draw, they always find there way to the crayons and paper.

Edward is so good about getting his homework done.

When it's too late to invite his friends over Edward will often be on the phone talking to them. He's such a social child.

The Becker loves an excuse for a party. The twins really are getting big now. Everyone came over to enjoy the fun.

We now really have a handful, the twins are now children and full of energy.

Though the twins are very close Edward does occasionally play with them. I often find Loren and Edward playing chess together.

We had a party for my parents wedding anniversary. It was a true Becker party, the whole family came over and as always there was lots of dancing.

Even the girls loved the party. They love to jump around and show off but they're just so cute no one seems to mind.

Mum was so happy about the party, she couldn't stop thinking about what a great party it was.

Edward never get's into much mischief but he does like to play around. The day he discovered the microphone on the podium was particularly funny.

When my Mum found Edward playing with the podium she decided that she would teach him all about public speaking, rather than belching into the microphone.

I love it when everyone is home and getting along. The girls love to dance and Edward is always happy to play the piano for everyone to dance too. My parent's just love to watch their family having fun.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sim State University: Girls House

The first night in their house was a quiet one, one of the last that was just the four of them. Fresh fish from the pond outside. They talked over all the plans they had for the next two years.

One night Sarah discovered Abigale and Tara's little secret. They had always meant to tell their friends that they had fallen in love they just hadn't gotten around to doing so. Both Ginger and Sarah we're really happy for them

Sarah was really happy that Korey spent lots of time with her at the house. He got along really well with all of her friends.

When the girls weren't hanging out at the Greek House the boys where often hanging out at their place. It seemed to be the only time the girls ever saw Ginger was when they had a party or had friends over.

The night Korey proposed Sarah couldn't get the grin off her face. She had never been happier.

Ginger, Abigail and Tara through an engagement party for Sarah and Korey. They loved an excuse for a party. Everyone was there, all the family came and lot's of friends.

Sarah felt a little bad about not having introduced her parents to Korey before they got engaged but her mum didn't' seem to mind too much. Both her parents seemed to get along really well with him.

Not long after Sarah got engaged Abigale decided it was time to ask Tara. She told Tara they where going out to a nice restaurant for dinner and they both got all dressed up. When Tara finaly found the words she said yes to Abigale.

There was never a dull moment in the girls house, as with most houses on campus the mascots would always find their way there. The mascots don't like each other and often got into fights at the girls house.

It wasn't long till their time at Sim State was done. One last party was all they had time for before moving back to Chantilly. As with most of their parties it was a roof raiser.

Sim State University: Cupiditas Domus

When the day of classes and school work was done the boys where often practicing for their Saturday night gig.

The boys had built up a name for themselves on campus, they had become a main stay at the Campus Lounge on Saturday nights.

After Jordan accepted Aiden's marriage proposal he wasn't all that sure that sure that she really wanted to get married. She told him she did want to marry him she was just a little cold, he had proposed outside in the middle of fall.

One of the additions that the boys did to the Geek house was an extensive train set. The girls just shook their heads and smiled. Boys..........

One night after everyone was asleep Opal was seen playing poker by herself. I guess she didn't want to go home.

Kyle always love the snow. Every winter he had to have at least one snowman outside the house.

Though the girls had chosen not to live in the Geek house they where still members and where often found hanging out at the house. It was a lot noisier than their place.

Kyle and Ken are brothers, there has never been any doubt. They where often found to be playing punch you punch me and often there where lots of bruises.

Kyle was all geared up for the farewell party, he was determined to test out his bar tending skills on everyone.

The farewell party at the Geek House was a great success. As always there was lots of dancing. Lots of fun was had by everyone.

Kyle was the first to move back to Chantilly. He was anxious to scope out a new home for Ginger and him to start their lives together. He and Ken had also talked of starting a business together so he was going to look into that as well.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sim State University: Chantilly Plaza Dorm

Catherine and David where the last of their generation to go to Sim State University. They didn't really mind this fact. Catherine chose Biology as her major and David chose Psychology as his major.

The twins found life in the dorm exactly what they wanted, lots of people and always someone to talk to or play games with.

The twins sister Tara had told them the best thing to do was get the term paper out of the way and then they wouldn't have to worry about the time they spend on their social lives as long as they went to class.

Catherine is a pleasure sim and her main goal in life at this point is to have 50 first dates. At High School she managed to get in 5 first dates, by the end of her sophomore year she was up to 13 first dates with the help of the matchmaker and some very cheap blind dates.
Professor Hayden Gast

Elmer Almassizadeh

Blake LeTourneau

Steven Seiff


Can't Recall His Name

There had always been the occasional fight in the dorms over the years, mostly the mascots and the cheerleaders but for some reason the current group in Chantilly Plaza Dorm are always getting into fights. It's mostly with Dylan Williams, he seems to want to fight with everyone. The most often it's David, Catherine or Lexie. These fights will happen out of the blue and usually more than one a day.

David decided to offer all of his fellow dormies free makeovers, most people took him up on the offer and he was getting quite good at it. When Lexie decided to take him up on the offer he was really nervous about it. He was always a little nervous around Lexie, He really didn't want to make a mess of this make over.

Lexie was absolutely thrilled with the makeover that David had done for her, everyone in the dorm had said he was good at it but she had still been a little bit nervous when she sat down in the chair.

David had lots of female friends but every time he looked around the room the one person that always caught his eye was Lexie.

David found himself spending more and more time with Lexie. He would even wake up early just to have breakfast with her as she had an early morning class.

Unlike his sister David had found the one person he wanted to spend all of his time with. Lexie and David where always to be found together.