Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sim State University: Girls House

The first night in their house was a quiet one, one of the last that was just the four of them. Fresh fish from the pond outside. They talked over all the plans they had for the next two years.

One night Sarah discovered Abigale and Tara's little secret. They had always meant to tell their friends that they had fallen in love they just hadn't gotten around to doing so. Both Ginger and Sarah we're really happy for them

Sarah was really happy that Korey spent lots of time with her at the house. He got along really well with all of her friends.

When the girls weren't hanging out at the Greek House the boys where often hanging out at their place. It seemed to be the only time the girls ever saw Ginger was when they had a party or had friends over.

The night Korey proposed Sarah couldn't get the grin off her face. She had never been happier.

Ginger, Abigail and Tara through an engagement party for Sarah and Korey. They loved an excuse for a party. Everyone was there, all the family came and lot's of friends.

Sarah felt a little bad about not having introduced her parents to Korey before they got engaged but her mum didn't' seem to mind too much. Both her parents seemed to get along really well with him.

Not long after Sarah got engaged Abigale decided it was time to ask Tara. She told Tara they where going out to a nice restaurant for dinner and they both got all dressed up. When Tara finaly found the words she said yes to Abigale.

There was never a dull moment in the girls house, as with most houses on campus the mascots would always find their way there. The mascots don't like each other and often got into fights at the girls house.

It wasn't long till their time at Sim State was done. One last party was all they had time for before moving back to Chantilly. As with most of their parties it was a roof raiser.

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