Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring 2011: Chantilly Tech

Spring 2011: Addison Becker, Hannah Becker, Henry Pitts and Meadow Thayer are 19, Anthony Upsnott and Madison Mather are 18.

snapshot_b7d0c4ed_d8d07a63.jpgThe beginning of the spring term also brought great weather so the gang would all head to the beach that was one of the biggest pulls of Chantilly Tech.

Ladies at the Beach.jpgThe girls all headed for the sand and some sunbathing.

Jealous.jpg The main drama for this term was between Henry and Meadow, they had been seeing each other casually for years with no thought to who the other was seeing but all of a sudden Meadow started getting jealous of this one girl that Henry always seem to invite over.

Caught.jpg She found them in the hot tub together and felt like Henry had cheated on her.

Guy Talk.jpg Henry was so confused, he went to talk to Anthony "It's like she went off like a rocket ship, I don't know what I"m supposed to do".

Journal.jpg Meadow spent the next couple of weeks hiding in her dorm room writing in her journal. Even she couldn't believe her reaction to Henry, she had never been bothered before.

Late Night Talk.jpg Meadow eventually found herself spending a lot of late nights talking with Madison. She always seem to be able to put things into prospective.

Backtogether.jpg By the end of the semester Henry and Meadow has made up and decided that they would make a real try at a relationship, no more seeing other people.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring 2011: Sim State

Spring 2011: Claire Green is 23, Edward Becker, Daniel Becker, Bailey Nova, Ivy Ngai and Juan St Julien are 21, Miriam Nova, Justin Flylar, Loren Becker, Frederick Becker are 19, Brandon Becker and Diana Lind are 18.

Sim State Dorm

job.jpg Diana is starting to reconsider her want to become a Chef, she's trying to find a summer job in the fashion industry to see if that really is the area she wants to get into.

Flirt1.jpg She's also spending time with lots of different guys on campus, she doesn't always remember their names.

Talk of Change.jpg Frederick thought he could just spend time as fiends with Diana but all she seemed to want to talk about was fashion. If she got the summer job she was gunning for he wouldn't seem much of her over the summer.

Drinking.jpg Most weekends there was a kegger at the dorm and everyone would drink a little too much.

kiss.jpg Frederick had much more than he thought and tried to kiss Diana....

Rejects.jpg That didn't go over so well, luck for Frederick Diana wasn't entirely sober so she let him off with a mild scolding.

Thinking of him.JPG Despite all of her time spent with lots of guys she really only things about Frederick, especially after that kiss.

love.jpg Justin and Miriam tend to spend most of their time in one of their dorm rooms.

clingy.jpg It's not always easy to get privacy though, someone is always barging in to talk to them.

shakehead.jpg Miriam, though she likes the parties sometimes worries about Tamara and how much she drinks.

give in.jpg The worry doesn't last too long as she is soon right there just as drunk at Tamara.

Fun.jpg Then the silliness begins. (I've never had two sims juggle together before)

Guys Night.jpg The boys decided they needed a night away from the dorm with none of the ladies to distract them. It was also a good time for Brandon and Justin to tell Frederick that they wouldn't be staying in the dorm with Frederick the next year. Privacy for the two couples was becoming a big issue for them.

bed.jpg Brandon and Loren also spent a lot of time in their dorm rooms.

no privacy.jpg And there was never really a moment they where left alone.

Cupiditas Domus

Busy.jpg The Greek House was always full of people especially on the weekends when they had parties.

Jamming.jpg With most of the residence of Cupiditas Domus very busy with their final semester term papers having impromptu jamming sessions was often a great stress release.

Plans.jpg Bailey was very concerned with moving back to Chantilly, she and Juan didn't really want to live with her parents they wanted to get an apartment in Downtown Chantilly. Daniel convinced her that she just needed to be honest with her parents. He also told her that he and Ivy would be moving back to Chantilly but not with his parent.

Planning.jpg "School is almost done, we have to have one big final party" Juan stated one morning at breakfast. Everyone was in agreement and so the planning began.

Cleaning.jpg Ivy thought Edward had gone a little nuts with the cleaning for the party, it's not like anyone coming to the party hadn't see the Greek House in it's natural state.

snapshot_d589531d_58da4b57.jpg The party went all night and found Bailey and Diana still playing poker at 6 the next morning.

GradBaileyJuan.jpg Juan and Bailey both graduated with a B+ average and where now hunting for a loft apartment in Downtown Chantilly.

GradDanielIvy.jpg Daniel and Ivy graduated with Honour's, they have found a nice apartment in Chantilly nearby to Chantilly Academy Lower School where Daniel will be working as a substitute teacher while Claire is on maternity leave. Ivy hasn't decided what she wants to do but is going to see what kinds of jobs are available when she gets settled in their new place.

GradEdwardClaire.jpgEdward graduated with honour's as well. He will be joining Claire back in Chantilly, they will be living in the family home where there will be lots of help with the new addition that is due in July.