Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring 2011: Chantilly Tech

Spring 2011: Addison Becker, Hannah Becker, Henry Pitts and Meadow Thayer are 19, Anthony Upsnott and Madison Mather are 18.

snapshot_b7d0c4ed_d8d07a63.jpgThe beginning of the spring term also brought great weather so the gang would all head to the beach that was one of the biggest pulls of Chantilly Tech.

Ladies at the Beach.jpgThe girls all headed for the sand and some sunbathing.

Jealous.jpg The main drama for this term was between Henry and Meadow, they had been seeing each other casually for years with no thought to who the other was seeing but all of a sudden Meadow started getting jealous of this one girl that Henry always seem to invite over.

Caught.jpg She found them in the hot tub together and felt like Henry had cheated on her.

Guy Talk.jpg Henry was so confused, he went to talk to Anthony "It's like she went off like a rocket ship, I don't know what I"m supposed to do".

Journal.jpg Meadow spent the next couple of weeks hiding in her dorm room writing in her journal. Even she couldn't believe her reaction to Henry, she had never been bothered before.

Late Night Talk.jpg Meadow eventually found herself spending a lot of late nights talking with Madison. She always seem to be able to put things into prospective.

Backtogether.jpg By the end of the semester Henry and Meadow has made up and decided that they would make a real try at a relationship, no more seeing other people.


jungfrun68 said...

College drama is always fun!

ciyrose said...

Ahhh college....a crazy time in most young sims lives.