Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer 2011: McArthur

Summer 2011: Larry McArthur is 54, Catherine is 52, Penny is 15 and Jasmine is 1,
(Gabriella Gorey is 15).

Family.jpgPenny: Family life I guess is kind of boring for most, we seem to have a routine down. I often help out with Jasmine while Mum and Dad make dinner.

Baby Sister.jpg
I don't know why but I love watching Jasmine while she sleep.

Hanging out.jpg
I do spend a lot of time hanging out with Gabriella. Now that we're almost 16 our parents will let us go downtown to the new teen hangout the Corner Spot. It's a strange name as it's not on a corner but Gabriella and I really enjoy it.

Over dinner the other night Mum and Dad asked me if I wanted jewelry for my birthday. I figured that was the best time to tell them about the ballet classes they where offering at the new downtown campus of Sim State University.

New SS.jpg
Later that week Gabriella came with me to check out the dance classes offered at the downtown campus.

Ballet Class.jpg
All the other dancers in the class where already at University but that didn't bother me or the instructor. While I was dancing Gabriella went to work out in the gym, she doesn't really like dancing but she is a fitness buff. I think Gabriella and I might try to come here in a few years rather than the other campus. I think it would be fun to live downtown.


jungfrun68 said...

What a strike of genius to install ballet bars on each side of a half wall! I will immediately steal the idea :D

ciyrose said...

Those ballet bars are a terrific idea! Never thought of that!