Saturday, April 27, 2013

January 2015: Pitts

January 2015: Jordan Pitts is 58, Aiden Pitts is 57 and Matthew Pitts is 10.

 Aiden:  With only Matthew at home it is much quieter but we do still try to have some noisy fun.

 We still make the time for a family night out, though these days it can often seem like a date.

Matthew often spends most of our evenings out playing with other kids at the diner playing pinball.  He will occasionally run over to the table and grab a bit of food before he rushes off to play.

Even though it's just Matthew at home doesn't mean it's a quiet house.  He often has his friend Tina over to play and they make enough noise for a whole army.

I think Jordan really like having an extra mouth to feed at mealtimes,  she's so used to cooking for a whole group of boys.

I'm still working my way up to making Chief of Staff.  I'm sure I'll get there, it's just a matter of time.

I still like to find time to play with Matthew, he'll be in high school soon and he won't want to dance and goof around with his dad anymore even if he has the time.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

December 2014: Upsnott

December 2014: Kenneth and Brittany are 58, Alexis Upsnott is 6

Kenneth:  Brittany leaves for work just as Alexis  is getting up. She will always run to give her Mum a hug before she leaves for work.

Once Alexis has gone off to school I will spend half and hour and eat my breakfast before heading to the study to work on my current book.

I have finished my latest book, now time to send it off to the publisher and see how she sells.

Alexis is very good about doing her homework. Usually she will get it all done when she arrives home. Some days she will finish it up before going to school.

With the Christmas break here, we all get to sleep in a bit.

Like on the weekends I will make breakfast for everyone most days of the holiday'

The weather hasn't been all that cold so we have spent a few days out at the park so Alexis can go skating.

This year was our turn to host Christmas dinner.  We even invited Madison's family this year.

We did it as a buffet dinner.  With so many people there just wasn't enough room at the table for everyone to eat in one spot.

Like many parties in the past ours was brought to a close by the police.  (I don't know what it is with this family but most parties they have end with the police showing up, at least this time the came right as the party was ending)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Helen Becker

Name: Helen BeckerBorn: October 9th, 2014Personality: Parents: Loren and Brandon BeckerSiblings:Romantic History:Partner: Children: Education: Job: Previous Employment:Businesses Owned:Aspiration: Life time want: Hobby:Zodiac: LibraTurn-Ons:Turn Off: 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

November 2014: University

The new Freshman are all living in Delaware Hall at the downtown campus. Stewart and Colin are Political Science majors.  Penny is enrolled in the dance program and Gabriella is in the Fashion Design program.  Gabriella's boyfriend Ira (a Biology major) and Colin's girlfriend Kea (History major) have also joined them in Delaware Hall.

At the beginning of the term they established a regular Wednesday night study group even though they are mostly all in different programs.  They find it good incentive to study if someone around them is also studying.

They also have a regular night out every weekend.  The often head to the on campus bar The Pitt for drinks, karaoke and a game of pool.  Really only Penny and Colin where into the Karaoke.

The only ones up early in the morning where Penny, Ira and Gabriella.  They often had breakfast together before heading out to their morning classes

Colin and kea where enjoying all the time they where now able to spend together.

After their mid-terms Colin and Kea found time to go to the Crab Shack in Chantilly Beach.  They didn't splurge on their meal but it was a nice day out.

Gabriella and Ira are also taking advantage of living in the same dorm.

Gabriella also managed to get a second hand sewing machine so she could spend more time working on her projects. 

Stewart tried to get Ira to tell him his secret when it came to love.  Stewart just didn't understand what was going on with Penny.

When they had first moved into the dorm Penny and Stewart had spent a lot of time together.  Stewart thought they where becoming a couple even though they hadn't talked about being exclusive.

Then a little while later Stewart found that Penny was spending time with  a few other guys.

Even when Penny was just having lunch with a guy Stewart go jealous.

Stewart found himself spending more and more evenings watching sports or movies rather than telling Penny how he felt.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

October 2014: Birthday's

Helen Becker was born October 9th, 2014.  She had brown hair like her Mum and blue eyes.  Loren is a little bit in shock but hopeful of the future.  Brandon is completely smitten with his new little girl.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

September 2014: Chantilly Academy Lower School

Fall 2013:  Daniel Becker is 24, Matthew Pitts, Molly Lind, Tina Traveller, Lana Connor and Nicholas Gorey are 10, Charlie Connor, Alexis Upsnott and Harold Fusch are 6.

With Claire back on maternity leave Daniel has been left with all the kids in one classroom.

The school halls are filled with loud rambunctious kids.  Daniel doesn't reign that in as much as Clarie did.  He likes to hear the sounds of happy children when their not in class.

Unfortunatly it has been a bit of a learning curve for the children that though they get away with making more noise in the halls they have to behave in the classroom.  They just want to play.

Daniel was pleasantly surprised with the music class, Claire had come a long way with the music skills of the lower school.

As always the playground is a favorite.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Lara Ngai

Name: Lara Ngai

Born: July 28th, 1914
Parents: Daniel Becker and Ivy Ngai
Siblings: Chloe Ngai
Romantic History:
Previous Employment:
Businesses Owned:
Life time want: 
Zodiac: Leo
Turn Off:

August 2014: Birthdays

 Loren is in her 3rd trimester. Everything with Brandon is going well but she went into early labor and is now on bed rest.  If it happens again she will be admitted to the hospital.

 Lara Ngai was born on July 28th.  She has red hair like her Dad and grey eyes.

Chloe Ngai (Lara's older sister) is now 1 year old.  Daniel and Ivy have a very busy household.