Monday, December 28, 2009

Fall 2010: Becker #2

Fall 2010: Dylan Becker is 81, Korey Lind, Jason and Laura Becker are 61, Sarah Lind is 56, Daniel Becker is 21, Hannah Becker is 19, Brandon Becker and Diana Lind are 18 and Molly Lind is 6.

Spying.<span class= Dylan: I don't know what the fascination is but I just can't seem to pry myself away from watching the neighborhood. I think Brittany Upsnott is back home again, they live in the green house down the street.

Kids.<span class=I invited Sarah and Korey over for dinner the other night, it was nice to have the kids around and just listen t their conversations. One would often think of Korey as a dandy with all his preening but he does take care of Sarah, he's always wanting to pamper her.

Dinner.<span class=Dinner wasn't anything special, just a roast chicken but I love cooking for a full house.

Don't know.<span class= I decided it was time for a party so we made it a family party and invited all the grand kids. Diana hasn't decided what she wants to major in at University. She wants to be a fashion designer and she's not sure if she should to Art or Business.

Evan.<span class=I sware sometimes I can feel Even around, especially when the whole family is together.

Family.<span class=None of the kids brought their girlfriends with them, I guess that would have been too much to ask right around mid-terms. Diana seems ok, she is living in the same dorm as Frederick this year, she hasn't said anything about it but I think she's coping well.

More kids.<span class= I have five wonderful grandchildren but every now and then I think it would be nice to have another one. Laura's defiantly too old but I wonder if Sarah is, she's 56.... I think I'm just being silly in my old age.

Swimming with Grandad.<span class= Molly and Jason love the water, it was a nice fall evening and we do keep the pool heated so the two of them headed out to play in the water.

Great Party.<span class= All in all it was a great party. I love to see all my family but it's nice to have a quiet house again.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Summer 2010: Summer Camp and other Things

Arrive.jpg The annual summer camp trip for had most of the teen partaking in it this year.

Relaxing.jpg Miles Connor thought this year was going to be a breeze. All the teens got along or the problems from the previous year had been dealt with.

axe.jpg Those that had been the year before where showing the others how to throw the axes.

food.jpg And the food, they all had to try the flap jacks... Anthony had been looking forward to this all year.

Fight.jpg The peaceful trip that Miles had envisioned evaporated one night when out of the blue Penny attacked her best friend Gabriella. Everyone was surprised, no one more so than Gabriella.

What's wrong.jpg After letting them sleep on it Miles went to talk to Penny in the morning to see if he could figure out what was going on.

Talk about it.jpg It took most of the day but Miles finally got Gabriella and Penny to talk. That's when the whole story came out.

what happened.JPG At the beginning of the trip Penny and Stewart had a brief moment of flirting. Penny was on cloud nine. Later on she saw Gabriella talking with Stewart, they had their heads very close together, really they had only been gossipping. Seeing this had made Penny extremely jealous and that was when she attacked Gabriella.

Fishing.jpg Once that had been cleared up things went back to normal and the rest of the trip was peaceful, the teens spent their time fishing, talking around the camp fire and throwing axes.


Sales.JPGDiana, like the year before had decided that she was going to work over the summer. She wants to have a career in the fashion industry so working at the boutique she thought would give her an advantage. She had gotten very good at sales and being able to figure out what would suit people and flatter their figure.

Busy.jpg It was often a long line at the cash but Diana was always able to handle it with a smile on her face. She loved her job.


checking in.jpg Brandon had told his parent that he was going off to camp, instead he and Loren booked into a hotel in Downtown Chantilly. They couldn't wait till the fall to spend time together.

View.jpg Their room had a fantastic view of the new cleaned up residential area of downtown Chantilly. Brandon thought it would be a great place to live after University.

Lounge.jpg They didn't really do much, they lounged in their room.

Dinner.jpg Went down to the restaurant for meals.

Hot tub.jpg And spend late nights soaking in the hot tub. They loved every minute of their mini vacation.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Summer 2010: Upsnott

Summer 2010: Brittany and Ken Upsnott are 55, Anthony Upsnott and Madison Mather are 17.

Dr Mather.jpg Anthony: Dad finally convinced Mum to go to the doctor about her eating problems.

not a problem.jpg She still doesn't think it's too much of a problem. "I love food, I really do" By the end of the session with Dr Harris they had Mum convinced to go to a facility to help her deal with her eating problem. She will probably be there most of the summer.

Settleing in.jpg I went with Mum to see that she got settled in alright. She didn't want to let go when I went to hug her goodbye. I was also headed off to camp for a week.

Group Therapy.jpg Mum writes to tell me how boring the group sessions are. She said she almost fell asleep at one of them.

One on One.jpg For the first two weeks she tried to convince everyone that she wasn't sick. The therapist was getting really upset with her. "Why did you come to therapy if you don't think you have a problem!."

Hungry.jpg She still does the "I'm hungry bit" but then won't go a get any food.

Realization.jpg I think when it finally hit her she just fell apart.

Cooking.jpg Next thing they knew Mum was cooking a Turkey dinner for everyone in therapy.

Cuddle.jpg I felt bad leaving dad alone with Alexis but he reassured me that going to camp would be good for me. I would have a good time, it had been a rough year.

Tuck In.jpg I think Dad spent a lot of time on his next book. Well that and spending time with Alexis.

tired.jpg The day I came back from camp I was so tired I just went right to bed.

Bath.jpg The next morning Alexis was begging me to play in the bath with her. She could spend hours in the tub. It hit me while I was bathing her that I'm going to miss a lot of her growing up when I go to University.

Madison's House.jpg I find it a little depressing at home so I often go over to Madison's house during the day.

First Time.jpg With Madison's mother's out at work all the time it's given us a lot of time to talk about stuff. We decided it was time to have sex. I hope it was as good for Madison as it was for me.

Home Again.jpg Mum came home in the middle of the day when Dad was out. He knew she was home the moment he walked in the door. She even had a plate of pancakes ready for a breakfast dinner. I don't think I've seen Dad this happy in years.

Summer 2010: Prom

Anthony and Madison.jpgAnthony and Madison have been a couple through most of high school and are still going strong.

Tamara and Jacob.jpgTamara and Jacob haven't been together nearly as long as Anthony and Madison but they have no eyes for anyone else. Jacob isn't worried at all about Tamara going off to university in the fall.

Dinner.jpgNo one wanted Diana and Brandon to fell like a third wheel so the couples split up for dinner.

snapshot_97a86afd_78217e28.jpgOnce the DJ started up the real party began. Everyone was out on the dance floor.

snapshot_97a86afd_b8217ecb.jpgNo one noticed when Diana left the dance floor. She couldn't help but remember last years prom. How different things where then.

Dessert.jpgIt wasn't long till Brandon found Diana and tempted her back inside for dessert. They made comment on how the couples with the sappy slow dances where missing out on sugary things.

DJ Diana.jpgBy the end of the night Diana had found a way to make the party more fun for her and Very different from the previous year. The DJ let her have a go for one song and then decided he would sit out for the whole set. She was really good.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spring 2010: Sim State

Spring 2010 : Frederick Pitts, Justin Flylar, Miriam Nova and Loren Becker are 18, Daniel Becker, Edward Becker, Bailey Nova, Ivy Ngai, Juan St Julien, Allie Stone are 20.

Sim State Dorm

Oh boy.jpg The winter break didn't seem to bring an end to the antics at Sim State. Frederick thought it would be funny to just go about his normal day at the dorm in the nude. Everyone tried to leave it alone but really?!

Prank1.jpg Frederick wasn't the only one up to games. On night when the gang was at the Student Union Miriam thought it would be funny to put soap in the fountain.

Alone.jpg Despite all of his high jinks Frederick would go to bed alone. He still had hopes of getting back together with Diana and he didn't want anything to put that in jeopardy even though they weren't a couple anymore.

papers.jpg Justin and Miriam would spend almost all of their time together. They would even allocate time together to work on term papers.

sleep.jpg They had also given up any idea that they didn't share a bed. There was only one dorm room they used now.

Late night Eats.jpg Loren would often spend so much time studying that she would forget to eat until 2 or 3am and then she would have to make it herself.... mac and cheese it was, that was all she had the energy for.

movies.jpg With the nice weather the dorm pool had opened up again and they would spend a least some time everyday in it. Miriam would sometimes even forgo lunch just to spend more time in the pool.


Cupiditas Domus

Breakfast.jpg Over at the Greek House things had settled into a routine. Weekend pancake breakfast's, usually at about 2pm, were a must.

Bubbles.jpg Almost every weekend there was a Toga party too but as the spring weather was so nice most people ended up in their bathing suits instead. Often the keg was passed over in favor of the bubble blower.

Sleeping.JPG When the two couples had gone to bed for the night all tucked up with their significant other, no one realized what Edward was up too.

Poker.jpg Everyone thought Edward was still downstairs playing poker by himself. It was how they had left him when they all went off to bed.

Coffee DAte.jpg On Friday and Saturday nights when there wasn't a party on Edward would make his way back to Chantilly to visit his phone buddy. Holly thought that she had introduced Claire Green and Edward, little did she know that they had met months before at a club downtown and had spent many a late night on the phone together.

Chat.jpg Edward and Claire spent many an evening just talking over coffee. They had found a nice little cafe in Chantilly that so far no one in the family had discovered yet.