Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Summer 2010: Upsnott

Summer 2010: Brittany and Ken Upsnott are 55, Anthony Upsnott and Madison Mather are 17.

Dr Mather.jpg Anthony: Dad finally convinced Mum to go to the doctor about her eating problems.

not a problem.jpg She still doesn't think it's too much of a problem. "I love food, I really do" By the end of the session with Dr Harris they had Mum convinced to go to a facility to help her deal with her eating problem. She will probably be there most of the summer.

Settleing in.jpg I went with Mum to see that she got settled in alright. She didn't want to let go when I went to hug her goodbye. I was also headed off to camp for a week.

Group Therapy.jpg Mum writes to tell me how boring the group sessions are. She said she almost fell asleep at one of them.

One on One.jpg For the first two weeks she tried to convince everyone that she wasn't sick. The therapist was getting really upset with her. "Why did you come to therapy if you don't think you have a problem!."

Hungry.jpg She still does the "I'm hungry bit" but then won't go a get any food.

Realization.jpg I think when it finally hit her she just fell apart.

Cooking.jpg Next thing they knew Mum was cooking a Turkey dinner for everyone in therapy.

Cuddle.jpg I felt bad leaving dad alone with Alexis but he reassured me that going to camp would be good for me. I would have a good time, it had been a rough year.

Tuck In.jpg I think Dad spent a lot of time on his next book. Well that and spending time with Alexis.

tired.jpg The day I came back from camp I was so tired I just went right to bed.

Bath.jpg The next morning Alexis was begging me to play in the bath with her. She could spend hours in the tub. It hit me while I was bathing her that I'm going to miss a lot of her growing up when I go to University.

Madison's House.jpg I find it a little depressing at home so I often go over to Madison's house during the day.

First Time.jpg With Madison's mother's out at work all the time it's given us a lot of time to talk about stuff. We decided it was time to have sex. I hope it was as good for Madison as it was for me.

Home Again.jpg Mum came home in the middle of the day when Dad was out. He knew she was home the moment he walked in the door. She even had a plate of pancakes ready for a breakfast dinner. I don't think I've seen Dad this happy in years.


M.McMillan said...

sim anorexia nervosa what will they think of next

ciyrose said...

Wow....I LOVE the little crib for Alexis....it's so cute! Hopefully therapy was good for her, it seems to have helped.