Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Summer 2010: Prom

Anthony and Madison.jpgAnthony and Madison have been a couple through most of high school and are still going strong.

Tamara and Jacob.jpgTamara and Jacob haven't been together nearly as long as Anthony and Madison but they have no eyes for anyone else. Jacob isn't worried at all about Tamara going off to university in the fall.

Dinner.jpgNo one wanted Diana and Brandon to fell like a third wheel so the couples split up for dinner.

snapshot_97a86afd_78217e28.jpgOnce the DJ started up the real party began. Everyone was out on the dance floor.

snapshot_97a86afd_b8217ecb.jpgNo one noticed when Diana left the dance floor. She couldn't help but remember last years prom. How different things where then.

Dessert.jpgIt wasn't long till Brandon found Diana and tempted her back inside for dessert. They made comment on how the couples with the sappy slow dances where missing out on sugary things.

DJ Diana.jpgBy the end of the night Diana had found a way to make the party more fun for her and Very different from the previous year. The DJ let her have a go for one song and then decided he would sit out for the whole set. She was really good.

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ciyrose said...

Your proms are really fun...I like the way you present them.