Thursday, September 5, 2013

July 2015: Brandon Becker

1July 2015:  Brandon Becker is 23

2I often find myself at the Rebel House for a few drinks in the evening.

2aIt’s mostly know for the pool tables but I like to join in on the poker table.

3I've always love music and playing my guitar.

3aRecently I have been sitting in on an open mike night at the University Lounge.  I’m really enjoying it.

4I've been so confused about a lot of things since Helen was born, she’s almost a year old and I really don’t see her much.  I had my parents over for dinner to see if they can help me figure out my feelings on this.

4aThe next night I went out for a drink and I think I spent a good 30min or more just staring into space.

4bThe next day I called Hannah to visit their new apartment when Loren was out at work.  I need to figure things out about Helen without my feelings of Loren mixed into them.

I think I have finally made a connection with my daughter.  Holding her with no one else in the room has changed a few things

Every time I went into Brandon’s lot he had absolutely no wants for his daughter Helen.  I decided to see what would happen when I played Loren’s household with Brandon visiting, he still did not have any wants for her but he independently fed and played with Helen.

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 2015: Birthdays

 Lara NgaiLara Ngai is now 1 year old.  Her parents can't believe that they now have to toddlers running/crawling around the house.

1Vivian Gorey is now 1 year old.  She loves sports and always wants to join her brothers when they go off to play soccer.

snapshot_36eeb0d3_3eeb65a7Vivian’s older brother Daren also has a birthday this month.  He is now 5 years old and will be joining his older brother at school.

snapshot_36ef4d51_df183afdDaren’s cousin Jasmine McArthur will be headed to Chantilly Academy as well this year.

snapshot_fd74f770_9f19393cJacob Flylar has graduated from Sim State University with a degree in Culinary Arts.  Like  many people with this background he has to work his way up the career path, he is currently working as a dishwasher at a local diner in downtown Chantilly. (I forgot about Jacob on my University update but nothing really happened with him and Tamara).

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

July 2015: Lind

snapshot_36d3dfd4_7f175e50July 2015: 
Korey Lind is 66, Sarah is 59, Molly is 12 and Liam is 2.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_deac12f3Korey:  I never thought that I would have a 2 year old in my 60’s but Liam has been so much fun and so far no real sign of the terrible 2’s that we saw with Diana.  Mind you Molly was pretty easy going when she was 2.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_3ea88bafLiam is a very independent 2 year old.  He loves to play with others but is just as happy to play on his own.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_5ea7d0aeSarah loves to spend time singing nursery rhymes with Liam in his room.  I often stand outside the room just to listen to the two of them.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_3ea7d39eMolly is really good about coming home and doing her homework right away.  Now that it’s summer vacation she still likes to look over some of the work she has done in the last year.  She is really looking forward to going to High School in  a couple of years.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_fea88a1dOver the past year Molly has become great friends with Lana Connor (the Principle of Chantilly Academy’s daughter).  Even thought we live at the beach the girls love to play with the sprinkler.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_1ea7ce1eDespite the age gap Molly and Liam are often playing together.  I love how close these two are.  I know that Diana and Molly get along really well but I don’t think they will ever be as close as Molly and Liam are.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

June 2015: Henry and Meadow

5June 2015: Meadow Thayer and Henry Pitts are 24.

2Meadow: With the soccer season back up and running I do most of the cooking so when Henry does have the time it's really nice that he does cook.

3The main topic for discussion is always our wedding. I would like a summer wedding and Henry wants a winter wedding. We have a lot to figure out.

6I have been feeling unwell and really tired lately so Henry convinced me to go and see the Dr Mather.

7I hadn't wanted to acknowledge my suspicion but Dr. Mather has confirmed that I am pregnant. This is defiantly going to impact our wedding. The baby is due in March.

4Henry and I met at a new bakery in Chantilly so I could tell him the news and we could rethink our plans for the wedding. I think having a fall wedding gives us enough time before the baby is due.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

May 2015 : University

1May 2015:  Kea Kai, Colin PItts, Penny McArthur, Stewart Newson, Ira  and Gabriella Gorey are 18.  They are in the second semester of their freshman year

2The girls all share an English Lit class and set aside at least one night a week for a group study session.

2aKea is determined to make the deans list and stay there.  She spends a lot of time studying on her own.

2bIra tries to be studious but sometimes it’s just too difficult.

2cColin doesn't try very hard at making the deans list.  He would rather spend his time playing video games.

3Penny has cut back on all the different guys she has been dating but often goes out with clay thought they are not a serious couple.

3aPenny has been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what she does want with her personal life.  She isn't really getting very far

3bWhen it comes to her school/professional life Penny is very clear on what she wants.  She spends much of her spare time practicing  everything she has learned in her dance classes.  She knows that at the end of her 4 years at Sim State there are only a few of the dancers that are offered a position in professional dance companies.

3cAs she spends most of her time at the dance studio Penny often get’s the girls to come and meet here there for lunch.  Other than their study groups it’s the only real time she gets to spend with her friends.

5Gabriella had put on a few pounds in her first semester so she tried to spend a few days a week at the gym

5aBetween classes and studying Ira and Gabriella tried to get time together but it wasn’t always easy and rarely alone

They did tend to spend every night together.

4Stewart was trying to keep his mind off of Penny and hang out with other people at the dorm.


4aThe boys tried to make one night a week boys night and they often went downtown to play poker.  The boys hoped that this would lift Stewart's spirits.

4bEven the pizza delivery girl tried to cheer Stewart up (she probably had the most success).

Sunday, June 9, 2013

May 2015: Chantilly Academy Uppers School

May 2015: Ginger Newson is 59, Miles Connor is 45, Tammy Holland is 28 . George McCarthy, Tristan Todd (missing on photo day), Chris Mather, Melody Tinker, Chloe Tanner and Jessie Gorey are 16.

George has been spending a lot of his spare time in the art room. He is hoping to have a career where he can use his love and talent of the art world.

Miles was finding his students where much more focused on their school work this year.

Jessie and Chloe are closer than ever. Even Jessie's best friend Chris is finding it hard to ignore the excessive shows of affection.

The girls can often be found in the gym working out on their lunch break.

Despite their focus on studies the current class at Chantilly Academy Upper school are still teenagers and can be found doing things that don't thrill the teachers... playing kick bag in the hallways is the current favourite past time.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kyle Newson

Name: Kyle Newson (nee Becker)Born: January 31st, 1956
Personality: 6-4-4-6-7
Parents: Keith & Faith Becker
Siblings: Kevin Becker & Kenneth (Ken) Upsnott
Romantic History:
Partner: Ginger Newson
Children: Tamara and Stewart Newson
Education: Chantilly Academy (1974), Sim State University - Psychology (1978)
Job: Owner of Becker ToysPrevious Employment: Law Enforcement (Captain Hero)
Businesses Owned: Becker Toys
Aspiration: Family/Romance
Life time want: 
Marry off 6 Children, Become Captain Hero (achieved)
Hobby: Tinkering
Badges:  Gold Sales, Silver Register, Silver Restocking, Silver Toy Making & Silver GardeningZodiac: Aquarius
Turn-Ons: Fitness & Good at Cleaning
Turn Off:  Stink

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