Wednesday, August 14, 2013

July 2015: Lind

snapshot_36d3dfd4_7f175e50July 2015: 
Korey Lind is 66, Sarah is 59, Molly is 12 and Liam is 2.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_deac12f3Korey:  I never thought that I would have a 2 year old in my 60’s but Liam has been so much fun and so far no real sign of the terrible 2’s that we saw with Diana.  Mind you Molly was pretty easy going when she was 2.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_3ea88bafLiam is a very independent 2 year old.  He loves to play with others but is just as happy to play on his own.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_5ea7d0aeSarah loves to spend time singing nursery rhymes with Liam in his room.  I often stand outside the room just to listen to the two of them.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_3ea7d39eMolly is really good about coming home and doing her homework right away.  Now that it’s summer vacation she still likes to look over some of the work she has done in the last year.  She is really looking forward to going to High School in  a couple of years.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_fea88a1dOver the past year Molly has become great friends with Lana Connor (the Principle of Chantilly Academy’s daughter).  Even thought we live at the beach the girls love to play with the sprinkler.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_1ea7ce1eDespite the age gap Molly and Liam are often playing together.  I love how close these two are.  I know that Diana and Molly get along really well but I don’t think they will ever be as close as Molly and Liam are.

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ciyrose said...

The kids are cute. I love when they are close. :)