Thursday, August 28, 2014

September 2015: Pitt’s–Thayer Wedding

Meadow:  We didn’t have a large wedding, I was nervous enough with just the family and a few friends.

The ceremony was short and sweet, no long vows like some weddings we have been to.

Now we are officially Mr. and Mrs. Thayer, yep Henry decided to take my name, he has three brothers that can carry on the Pitt’s name.

Anthony and Hannah made short speeches but still managed to embarrass us a bit.  We've all been friends for so long there were bound to be stories.

Pillow Fight
Henry, being the goof he is managed to hide away a pillow and started a pillow fight before dinner. 

Family Dinner
For dinner Henry sat with his parents and his younger brother Matthew (he hid from the camera every time it came close).

Ladies Dinner
I sat with my ladies, Hannah, Tamara and Addison.

Friends Dinner
No surprise that Diana was at a table with all the guys.  I dont’ think Frederick was worried.  They seem to only have eyes for each other these days.

The DJ was great and we all danced the night away.

Dance Goof
In true Henry fashion he started dancing like a goof.

Who am I to argue, I joined in the goofy dancing.  Three months pregnant and it was a great night. 

Posed Photo’s

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chantilly Round 16 - 18

Chantilly 2014

I have been reading a few blogs lately and I like the idea of having real years, being able to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries etc. From this point on I will be doing rounds by 2 year increments. My main influence for this has been Pine Hollow and Lakeside Heights. Also I won't be going in a specific order for the rounds, rather I will fit families in as things are happening to them.

Round 16: Fall 2009 - Summer 2011
Fall 2009: Chantilly Academy Part 1
Fall 2009: Chantilly Academy Part 2 
Fall 2009: Newson Fall 2009: Chantilly Tech
Fall 2009: Sim State Frosh
Fall 2009: Cupiditas Domus 

Winter 2009/2010: Becker's New Years Eve Party
Winter 2010: Lind Household

Spring 2010: Gorey's New Baby
Spring 2010: Chantilly Academy
Spring 2010: Chantilly Tech
Spring 2010: Sim State

Summer 2010: Prom Summer 2010: Upsnott
Summer 2010: Summer Camp and other Stuff

Fall 2010: Becker #2
Fall 2010: Chantilly Academy 

Fall 2010: Sim State University
Fall 2010: Chantilly Tech

Winter 2010/2011: Nova's New Years Eve Party
Winter 2011: Pitts

Spring 2011: Flylar

Spring 2011: Chantilly Academy 
Spring 2011: Sim State University
Spring 2011:  Chantilly Tech

Summer 2011: McArthur

Summer 2011: Birthdays
Summer 2011: Mini Intro

Round 17: Fall 2011 - Summer 2013
Fall 2011: Ngai
Fall 2011: St Julien
Fall 2011: Chantilly Academy Lower School
Fall 2011: Sim State University
Fall 2011: Sim State Downtown Campus
Fall 2011: Chantilly Tech

Winter 2011/12: Flylar - New Years Eve Party
Winter 2012: Nova – Winter Vacation

Spring 2012: Becker #2 
Spring 2012: Newson
Spring 2012: Chantilly Academy Upper School
Spring 2012: Sim State University 
Spring 2012: Sim State Downtown Campus
Spring 2012: Chantilly Tech

Summer 2012: Lind
Birthdays: 2012

Fall 2012: McArthur 
Fall 2012: Chantilly Academy Lower School 
Fall 2012: Sim State University
Fall 2012:  Chantilly Tech

Winter 2013: Pitts

Spring 2013: Spring Break
May 2013: Birthdays and Graduations

May 2013: Chantilly Academy Upper School

June 2013: Gorey

July 2013: Becker - Green Wedding
August 2013: Birthdays:

Round 18: Fall 2013 - 2015
September 2013: Chantilly Academy Lower School
October 2013: St Julian
November 2013: Birthdays 

December 2013: Nova Family Christmas
January 2014: Ladies
February 2014: Birthdays

March 2014: Frederick Pitts
April 2014: University 

April 2014: Chantilly Academy Upper School
May 2014: Birthdays and Graduations 

June 2014: Miriam and Justin 

July 2014: Flylar 
August 2014: Birthdays

September 2014: Chantilly Academy Lower School
October 2014: Birthdays
November 2014: University

December 2014:  Upsnott
January 2015:  Pitts
February 2015:  Engagements 

March 2015: Becker #2 

April 2015:  Newson 
May 2015:  Chantilly Academy Upper School
May 2015:  University 

June 2015:  Henry and Meadow 

July 2015: Lind
July 2015:  Brandon Becker
August 2015:  Birthday’s and Graduations
August 2015: Tamara and Jacob 

September 2015: Thayer - Pitts Wedding
September 2015:  McArthur

September 2015: Birthday's & more
October 2015:  Gorey
October 2015:  Chantilly Academy 
November 2015:  Ngai   

December 2015:  University
December 2015: Becker 

December 2015: Birthdays

August 2014: Tamara and Jacob


August 2014:
Tamara Newson is 23 and Jacob Flylar is 22.

My job is going well.  Daniel Becker is taking over the downtown school and I had him over to discuss plans for the new year.  Although I’m an art teacher Daniel thought I would be good choice to coach the soccer teams.

One evening I invited two of the student teachers over for dinner so Daniel and I could get them up to speed about plans for the new school year.

Jacob is determined to work his way up from dishwasher at the diner.  He is hoping to impress his boss with some of his cooking, I'm  not sure how much that really matters at a diner but.

Jacob has been bar tending a few nights a week at a seedy bar but the extra cash helps.

Justin often comes over in the mornings when he doesn't have a practice and Jacob is doing the dinner schedule.

I do think Jacob spends a little too much of his spare time playing video games.

I called him on his gaming addiction, he just got up and walked away.

We finally had a chance to go on a date but the music was loud and Jacob didn’t seem to want to talk about anything. 

Jacob was given a chance to cook at the diner.  The regular chef is going on vacation and he was putting Jacob through the regular routine and giving him a chance before he will be left on his own. 

I came home from one of my planning sessions and found Jacob just staring out the window.  I worried that something had gone wrong at work but he said no and was very quiet for the rest of the evening.  I still don’t know what ‘s wrong.