Monday, November 30, 2009

Spring 2010: Chantilly Academy

Spring 2010: Ginger Newson is 55, Miles Connor is 40, Claire Green is 22, Brandon Becker, Tamara Newson, Anthony Upsnott, Diana Lind and Madison Mather are 17, Jacob Flylar is 16, Colin Pitts, Stewart Newson, Penny McArthur and Gabriella Gorey are 14, Jessie Gorey is 11, Matthew Pitts, Molly Lind, Tina Traveller, Lana Connor and Nicholas Gorey are 6

Interview.jpg Miles Connor had a great interview with Ginger Newson to replace Jodie. She had a very good record from Chantilly High School. Ginger was really excited about starting. A lot of the interview was just Miles and Ginger talking about their favorite sports.

New Teacher.jpg Gingers first day went really well. All the students went right to work and Ginger didn't have to order students back to work very often. Stewart is in her class too and seems to be very quiet now that his mother is the teacher.

Proud.jpg Ginger wasn't the only one with a great class. Miles was so proud of his Grade 12 class. He was also looking forward to not having to teach much next year as half the students in the school will be graduating at the end of spring.

Computers.jpg One day when Miles was sick Ginger was able to take over the computer lab. This was the moment that Miles realized that Ginger had been the right choice to take over as teacher at the Upper School.

Quiet Stewart.jpgLunch time see the cafeteria full and no more fighting. Stewart is still getting used to his mother being there all the time, Tamara seems to be OK with it but then again she doesn't have to sit through morning classes with her. Colin may sit at a different table to everyone but he will still join in on the conversation, Stewart just sits and eats his lunch in silence.

Lunch Time.jpg After eating now that the weather is good again they kids will head outside to hang out.

Ex Talk.jpg Most of the time Diana doesn't bring up Frederick but after he came to see her she just had to get it off her chest. She just couldn't believe that he tried to kiss her after all that had happened.

Headmaster's room.jpg Unlike her friend Madison was enjoying her love life. She even went along with Anthony's suggestion to sneak into Mr Connors office for a little quality time together.

New Style.jpg The girls decided that it was time for Diana to make a change. They brought a straitening Iron and hair products to school one day and restyled Diana's hair. She love's her new look and it was about time she got out of the rut she had been in since the fall.

Summer Plans.jpg One weekend Miles headed over the the travel agent to book the school trip. He found other ideas for holidays to take with his family too.


Recess.jpg Over at the Lower school there was a lot less drama. Every morning the kids would spend time playing in the playground.

Class.jpg There was a new addition to Claire's class this semester, Miles Connor's daughter Lana (in the right far corner) had joined the small class. Claire love's her group of children, they listen to attentively and are always interested to learn something new.

Lana and Molly.jpg Molly being the social little girl she is soon had Lana playing chess with her. The whole group had just sucked Lana in as one of them.

Tina.jpg Tina would always head to the bookshelf to read. Any chance she gets she has her nose in a book.

Boys.jpg The boys on the otherhand head straight for the computers. Unfortunately Claire doesn't let them play video games no matter how hard they try to convince her that they are educational.

Sports.jpg With spring here the weather was good enough to head outside for sports. Everyone loves it, especially Jessie, soccer is his favorite.


jungfrun68 said...

I still love your schools!

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The schools are so great. Makes me want to play around with them too. Great job.