Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall 2009: Newson

Fall 2009 - Kyle and Ginger Newson are 55, Tamara Newson is 17, Jacob Flylar is 16 and Stewart Newson is 14

Back to school.jpg Kyle: The first day of High School for Stewart wasn't the nicest weather. I made sure the kids got off to school before I headed over to the store.

Busy Shop.JPG The store is really getting busy, even with it being a rainy fall season.

Larry.jpg Larry came into the store and was looking at the play table's. "Don't you already have one!" I asked ".. and Jasmine isn't really old enough to play with it anyway." I convinced him to buy a teddy bear instead.

Day Dream.jpgStewart often comes home from school and hides in his room. He always come out with a with a dreamy look on his face.

Flirting.jpgTamara on the other hand goes all starry eyed over Jacob.

Friends.jpg At least the stary eyed teen's doesn't last too long when there are video games to be had.

Foe.jpg Unfortunately Stewart REALLY doesn't like Jacob. I don't know if I should intervene, Jacob always win's these fights.

Get Over It.jpg Tamara also seems to be able to let her brother have it, even Jacob is surprised at how she goes at him.

Help with Homework.jpg Ginger has been working really hard with Stewart, he's not studious like his sister.

Portrait.jpgThe one time Stewart can really focus. He painting a picture to surprise Ginger. She has a big job interview at Chantilly Academy. Their looking for a new teaching for the winter term.

Job Interview.jpg We all wished Ginger good luck as she left for her interview.

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