Sunday, November 29, 2009

Spring 2010: Gorey's New Baby

Spring 2010 - David Gorey is 50, Allegra is DAvid 49, Gabriella Gorey is 14, Jessie Gorey is 11, Nicholas Gorey is 6.

Family Breakfast.jpg David: I love the weekends, we always have breakfast together. With our family it's not always easy to get everyone together. Allegra is just happy that it's now sunny outside. We had a very snowy winter and now spring is finaly here.

Basketball.jpg Gabriella will often head down the the sports center to play basketball. She often will go early enough so she has the court all to herself.

Boys.jpg The boys will spend hours playing in Jessie's room with all there toys. Nicholas is just so thrilled to be going to school with his brother that he always wants to wear his uniform.

Labor.jpg It was finally time to welcome another member to our family. Allegra went into labour during breakfast one weekend.

Play.jpg We have another little boy to add to the house, Daren Gorey. I think Gabriella was hoping for a sister.

One on One.jpg Daren loves to be put in his swing, he will spend hours there with not a complaint. I think he likes to watch everything that is going on.

Daren.jpg Gabriella is truley a family sim. She loves helping out with her brothers. I think I need to work on Allegra to take a night out just the two of us. I know Gabriella will be fine taking care of the boys for one evening.

Cleaning.jpg Gabriella also helps out a lot with the housework. She hates a dirty bathroom, she will leave the kitchen alone but the bathroom has to be sparkling.

Hair do.jpg Jessie decied it was time for a new hair style, his hair was getting long and we decided that it needed a littll taming.
Gabriella Helps.jpg Nicholas despite loving school is having some trouble with his homework. He often goes to his sister for help rather than Allegra or me.

Nicholas A grade.jpg All of the hardwork with Nicholas has payed off. His final report card was an A. He was thrilled.

New Kitchen.jpg With spring fully here and cleaning the house I decided it was time for an update and new appliances. Allegra was thrilled. Maybe now Gabriella will help a bit with keeping the kitchen tidy.

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jungfrun68 said...

Nice kitchen, and great basketball court!