Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall 2009: Cupiditas Domus

Friends.jpg After many late night discussions with family and friends Bailey and Edward decided they would try to forget what had happend between them and try to make things work with the people they where dating. Everyone had moved into the Greek house and the four of them would be spending lots of time together.

Flirting.jpg Bailey always knew that she loved Juan, the fling with Edward really wasn't the way she wanted for the rest of her life. Juan still made her heart race when he touched her.

Renewed Love.jpg Bailey and Juan decided to make more of a comitment to each other, no more flings with other sims.

Drinks with the girls.jpg The ladies of the Greek house decided it was time for a night out without the boys. They headed into Chantilly to the Kareoke bar, not that they ever left the bar to get up and sing.

Early morning Diner.jpg By the time they where finished at the bar the local diner was opening up for breakfast so they decided they would have pancakes before heading back to Sim State.

Study.jpg The Greek house wasn't all about parties and having fun, they also knew they had to crack the books too.

Term Paper.jpg Bailey was having the most trouble, she had chosen Art as her major so she didn't have to write papers.... how wrong she had been.

New Members.jpg It was time to expand the Greek house membership so Bailey called her sister at the dorm and invited them over for a party.

snapshot_d589531d_17e9aad7.jpg Bailey may have sorted things out with Juan but Edward was more confused than ever. He still liked Ivy and Bailey but neither one really had him catching his breath everytime he saw either one of them.

Burnt Food.jpg Everyone knew something was up when Edward stated burning everything he tried to cook.

Worried About Brother.jpg Loren had heard that some thing was up with her brother so she invited him over to the coffee house to have a talk. They spent a good few hours and many cups of coffee but Edward did return to the Greek house in a better head space.

Sneeking off.jpg What Edward hadn't realized was that Ivy had started spending lots of time with Daniel. Neither one of them wanted to tell Edward before they knew what it was between them.

Falling In Love.jpg Daniel did realize one night that he was falling in love with Ivy, of all the girls he had dated at Sim State and he had to fall for his friends sort of girlfriend.

Serious Talk.jpg It was time to have a serious talk with Edward. Edward didn't seem to mind if Daniel and Ivy really wanted to be together then it was ok with him.

Getting Serious.jpg When Ivy and Daniel told Edward that they where an official couple he didn't seem all that bothered. Edward just shrugged his shoulders and walke away.

Late Night Talk.jpg The rest of the semester Edward spent a lot of time on the phone and none of his friends could figure out who he spent all those hours on the phone with. The suspected something was up but they weren't sure what.

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ciyrose said...

Oh...intrigue! I want to know who Edwards on the phone with. :)