Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter 2009/20010: Becker New Years Eve Party

Winter 2009/2010 - Kevin and Holly Becker are 60, Edward Becker is 20, Loren and Addison Becker are 18.

Coming Home.jpg Kevin: Edward called from the Greek house to say he was headed over to pick up the girls and then they would be on there way home for the holidays.

Make Drinks.jpg I decided to mix up a few festive drinks to have ready when the kids got home. It would take that about an hour for Edward and Loren to head over to Chantilly Tech to pick up Addison and then home.

Catching Up.jpg It was great to catch up with the kids but really it was more like the three of them catching up. I think I heard some talk of going somewhere warm for spring break but I don't think they can afford it this year.

Make Dinner.jpg Holly made the kids favorite for dinner that night, pork chops.

Dinner.jpg We talked about school and family. Loren and Addison talked about their love lives but Edward just said he wasn't seeing anyone and didn't want to talk about it.

Poker.jpg When I got up the next morning I found the kids playing poker... I'm not sure if they had gone to bed as they where in the same places I had left them the night before.

Love.jpg Loren invited Brandon over. I think she hadn't see him since early in the fall. Addison disappeared, I think she went dress shopping with Hannah, they said some thing about getting new dresses for the New Years eve party.

Chess.jpg When Brandon left Loren decided she was going to kick her brother's butt at chess (she always plans to but Edward always seems to win.)

New Years Party.jpgEveryone came to the New Years Eve party. All the family and a lot of our friends. Only Loren and Addison invited a friend for the evening, not surprising really. Holly also invited the teachers from Chantilly Academy, she seems to have become good friends with Claire Green and Tammy Holland.

Claire Hot.jpg Holly wasn't the only one who seems to like Claire. Edward seemed to spend a lot of the night stairing at her but I don't think I saw him once talk to her. Something big must have happend to Edward at Sim State.

Outside.jpg As the New Year approached everyone headed outside.

Great Party.jpg It was quite the noisy party but thankfully no cops showed to break it up.

End of Party.jpg The night started to wind down but Holly and I kept dancing along with Addison and Loren. Kyle was the only guest still there and he and Edward seemed to be in quite the intense game of pool.

Clean Up.jpg All to soon the holidays where over and the kids where headed back to school. They all helped clean up after breakfast before they packed up the car for their drive to school. It was great to see the kids.

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