Monday, July 28, 2008

Flylar: Empty House

Marisa: With all the kids away at College things here are very quiet.

I started to get alittle depressed and spent a lot of time out by Eric's grave. I yelled, I cried but things didn't really get any better.

I soon came out of that funck and decided to get fit. I still had the obstical course from my military days.

I figured since our eldest daughters were best friends and our younger kids were dating we should get to know each other better so I invited the Beckers over for dinner.

I also found myself spending a lot of time in the greenhouse and soon had a Bronze Badge in gardening.

Ethan came around one evening and we talked about the renevations I was thinking of doing around the house. I figure when he comes home the family would grow quite quickly.

After a lot of planning and a lot of mess I had the main floor redone and the outside painted. I think it looks really good.

After the dinner with the Becker's, Amy and I soon became good friends. She came over to see the renevations and then she said.... "you've done a makeover on your house now it's time to do one on you".

Amy helped me and we re did my hair and a bit of makeup. I feel a whole new person. Ethan won't know what to think when he comes home again.

Becker Family: Honeymoon

It was so nice to step off the plane to the warmth of Twikkii Island. It wasn't long from the airport to our hotel, where we were quickly checked in.

The first thing we did after putting our things in the room was head to the beach. Unfortunately Keith did get a bit of a sunburn.

Both of us chose to take lessons in different local customs. I decided to learn how to do hot stone massage.

Keith was fascinated with the Fire Dance so he took lessons. He's quite good now.

The second day we went to see the pirate ship. Keith had a great time. He loves pretending he's a pirate.

I joined Keith for awhile on the pirate ship but then I thought I would get to know some of the locals.

Most nights we had dinner in the privacy of our own balcony overlooking the ocean. It was so romantic.

We've had a lot of fun learning all about the local activities here on the island. Both Keith and I enjoyed learning the Hula Dance. It will be so much fun teaching Ella when we get back.

After realaxing for a few days we decided to see if there was anything to this map I found all those years ago. We found this out of the way hut with a hermit living in it. We helped him fix a few of the appliances around his home and then he gave me a neat gift. I can't wait to show Mum.

It's been such a great vacation, it will be nice to go home but I'll miss how realaxing it's been here on the island. Maybe we'll be able to bring our kids here in the future.

Becker Family: Passing The Torch

Amy: The house is very quiet without the girls the around.

Toby and I also get a lot of time just the two of us. The kids would always make gaging noises if we even hugged in their vicinity.

We decided that it was time to buy the pool table we always wanted. If the girls where home we never would have had a chance to play.

As we get older staying fit is very important to us. We've started running together, even in the snow.

I've also started practicing more on the ballet bar.

Toby spends a lot of time playing pool. He thinks he'll be able to hustle the girls next time they come over.

Toby has finally become Education Minister. He is now a perma plat sim. Not too much longer till I become perma plat too, the girls are all doing well at school and Faith will be moving home soon.

Amy: I am passing on the telling of our family story to Faith now that she has come home.

Faith: Thanks Mum, I hope I can continue on the legacy.

My first evening back home, it was nice to have dinner with Mum and Dad. We talked of moving to a bigger home as when Keith is done University we plan to get married and start a family.

My first day home I started to look for a job. There were no postings in the Intelligence field so I took the highest paying job available, Block Buster director. I guess working with the college theater group has paid off.

My last semester at university was so full of studying and growing the Frat house. I found myself eating a lot more pizza and I gained a lot of weight. Time for me to get in shape for the wedding.

I forgot how strange my parent can be. One day when they came home from work they started celebrating, neither of them had received a promotion, they are both at the top of their careers already.

I hadn't realized that mum hadn't met Keith yet. I though she had met him when she came to visit last semester. So Keith came over to meet my parents.

Though it's not my dream job this show business sutff is fun. I have reached the top of the career path and I am now an Icon.

We've decided on a house to buy but we need to do some work on it before we move in so we're living in a rental house as we sold the old one. This house has a nice garden so we're planning to have the wedding outside in the garden.

we're finally married. We had an evening wedding in the garden. It was so magical.

Mum has a friend who makes cakes and she made our wedding cake. It was really good. Keith was surprised that I didn't stuff the cake in his face.

Keith is now a full member of the Becker Family. I'm so glad my parents like him. Now it's time for our Honeymoon. We're going to Twikki Island, I'm hoping the map I found as a teenager will lead us to something interesting on the island.

Keith Becker
LTW: Become Captain Hero
5 neat, 4 shy, 4 lazy, 4 serious, 7 nice
Zodiac: Cancer
Turn Ons: Red Hair/Great Cook
Turn Off: Black Hair

Cupiditas Domus: Founders

Ella and Faith decided to start a Greek House in their Junior year. Thus Cupiditas Domus was formed.

One of Ella and Faith's favorite pass times at the dorm was the nightly poker game so one of the first things they bought for Cupiditas Domus was a poker table.

Ella found it was a lot easier to flirt with many different people once she moved out of the dorm. Ella found flirting with some of her prof's would help with her marks...... it did.

One night Ella And Faith where hanging out at the campus Lounge and saw a really cute guy performing. They later found out his name was Keith.

Faith's mum had never really liked Ricki and Faith soon realized how right she was. One day Faith went over to Ricki's dorm to see him and found him in bed with another girl.

Faith ran home to tell Ella what she had just seen. Faith couldn't believe what Ricki had done, they had even been talking about marriage after College.

Ella decided a girls night out was in order. They went to a downtown club to drink and dance the night away, NO GUYS!!!

As with all Greek Houses there were always people hanging out. The really cute guy Keith from the Lounge was one of those often found at Cupiditas Domus. He was soon asked to pledge.

Faith decided that it was time to get out on the dating scene. One of the other new pledges was Jonah. Faith had fun flirting with him but soon found out he had a girlfriend so flirting was as far as she took it.

Faith wasn't the only one changing her ways. Ella found herself spending more and more time with a guy from another Greek House, Castor.

Faith hadn't realize that the reason Keith was always hanging out at Cupiditas Domus wasn't to jam with Ella, it was to see Faith. Then one day Keith asked Faith out.

Soon enough Faith and Keith were very much in love.

Ella was fast becoming one of the best musicians on campus. She was well on her way to Rock God status.

Near the end of their Seniour year Keith asked Faith out on a date to a new restuarant in Chantilly. Faith couldn't believe it when he pulled a black box from his pocket. How could she say no.

Ella and Faith had raked in enough pledges to their Geek house by the end of their College days that they where able to add a second story to the house. Just in time for their siblings to move in .

Their time at Sim State had come to an end, Ella and Faith were looking forward to what was to come. Faith would be moving back into the family home and Ella was looking for a cool pad of her own.


Funny Picture

Ella is one of my favorite Sims, she just makes me laugh. One of the mascots on campus would go around belching at people, Ella... she just belches back.