Monday, July 28, 2008

Cupiditas Domus: Founders

Ella and Faith decided to start a Greek House in their Junior year. Thus Cupiditas Domus was formed.

One of Ella and Faith's favorite pass times at the dorm was the nightly poker game so one of the first things they bought for Cupiditas Domus was a poker table.

Ella found it was a lot easier to flirt with many different people once she moved out of the dorm. Ella found flirting with some of her prof's would help with her marks...... it did.

One night Ella And Faith where hanging out at the campus Lounge and saw a really cute guy performing. They later found out his name was Keith.

Faith's mum had never really liked Ricki and Faith soon realized how right she was. One day Faith went over to Ricki's dorm to see him and found him in bed with another girl.

Faith ran home to tell Ella what she had just seen. Faith couldn't believe what Ricki had done, they had even been talking about marriage after College.

Ella decided a girls night out was in order. They went to a downtown club to drink and dance the night away, NO GUYS!!!

As with all Greek Houses there were always people hanging out. The really cute guy Keith from the Lounge was one of those often found at Cupiditas Domus. He was soon asked to pledge.

Faith decided that it was time to get out on the dating scene. One of the other new pledges was Jonah. Faith had fun flirting with him but soon found out he had a girlfriend so flirting was as far as she took it.

Faith wasn't the only one changing her ways. Ella found herself spending more and more time with a guy from another Greek House, Castor.

Faith hadn't realize that the reason Keith was always hanging out at Cupiditas Domus wasn't to jam with Ella, it was to see Faith. Then one day Keith asked Faith out.

Soon enough Faith and Keith were very much in love.

Ella was fast becoming one of the best musicians on campus. She was well on her way to Rock God status.

Near the end of their Seniour year Keith asked Faith out on a date to a new restuarant in Chantilly. Faith couldn't believe it when he pulled a black box from his pocket. How could she say no.

Ella and Faith had raked in enough pledges to their Geek house by the end of their College days that they where able to add a second story to the house. Just in time for their siblings to move in .

Their time at Sim State had come to an end, Ella and Faith were looking forward to what was to come. Faith would be moving back into the family home and Ella was looking for a cool pad of her own.


Funny Picture

Ella is one of my favorite Sims, she just makes me laugh. One of the mascots on campus would go around belching at people, Ella... she just belches back.


craterdweller said...

LOL! I usually just chase the cow mascot off the lot as soon as she/he arrives. Maybe I've been missing some good photo ops.

jungfrun68 said...

Faith and Keith - try to say that ten times in a row!

Kaith and Feith?

Loved that cow picture!


ciyrose said...

LOL!! I love the picture of Ella and the cow! That's great! What a fun couple of girls.