Monday, July 28, 2008

Becker Family: Passing The Torch

Amy: The house is very quiet without the girls the around.

Toby and I also get a lot of time just the two of us. The kids would always make gaging noises if we even hugged in their vicinity.

We decided that it was time to buy the pool table we always wanted. If the girls where home we never would have had a chance to play.

As we get older staying fit is very important to us. We've started running together, even in the snow.

I've also started practicing more on the ballet bar.

Toby spends a lot of time playing pool. He thinks he'll be able to hustle the girls next time they come over.

Toby has finally become Education Minister. He is now a perma plat sim. Not too much longer till I become perma plat too, the girls are all doing well at school and Faith will be moving home soon.

Amy: I am passing on the telling of our family story to Faith now that she has come home.

Faith: Thanks Mum, I hope I can continue on the legacy.

My first evening back home, it was nice to have dinner with Mum and Dad. We talked of moving to a bigger home as when Keith is done University we plan to get married and start a family.

My first day home I started to look for a job. There were no postings in the Intelligence field so I took the highest paying job available, Block Buster director. I guess working with the college theater group has paid off.

My last semester at university was so full of studying and growing the Frat house. I found myself eating a lot more pizza and I gained a lot of weight. Time for me to get in shape for the wedding.

I forgot how strange my parent can be. One day when they came home from work they started celebrating, neither of them had received a promotion, they are both at the top of their careers already.

I hadn't realized that mum hadn't met Keith yet. I though she had met him when she came to visit last semester. So Keith came over to meet my parents.

Though it's not my dream job this show business sutff is fun. I have reached the top of the career path and I am now an Icon.

We've decided on a house to buy but we need to do some work on it before we move in so we're living in a rental house as we sold the old one. This house has a nice garden so we're planning to have the wedding outside in the garden.

we're finally married. We had an evening wedding in the garden. It was so magical.

Mum has a friend who makes cakes and she made our wedding cake. It was really good. Keith was surprised that I didn't stuff the cake in his face.

Keith is now a full member of the Becker Family. I'm so glad my parents like him. Now it's time for our Honeymoon. We're going to Twikki Island, I'm hoping the map I found as a teenager will lead us to something interesting on the island.

Keith Becker
LTW: Become Captain Hero
5 neat, 4 shy, 4 lazy, 4 serious, 7 nice
Zodiac: Cancer
Turn Ons: Red Hair/Great Cook
Turn Off: Black Hair

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