Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flylar: Moving On

Marisa: A big change here at our house, Ella has gone off to university. My little girl is all grown up, Eric would have been so proud.

Boy's will be boy's, whenever there is a big football game on I'll always know where to find these two. I think I'll wait till their gone to get a big screen TV, I don't think I'd ever get them away from it if we had one now.

I've always love to play the piano and since the kids became teenagers it has given me a lot more time to play. Some of my friends say I could play professionaly, who know's.

I've always felt Eric's presence around me even after we moved to the new house. Maybe it's because we burried his ashes here in the backyard but the other day he nearly scared me to death. I love that he's still around but..... sometime's I just want to kill him all over again. MEN!

My little knowledge sim. Evan want's to go to university as soon as possible. His teachers are helping in fast track through High School so he may even go a year after Ethan rather than two years later.

Well I always told Evan that most knowlege sims like to see lightning but he didn't seem too amused when he got struck by it.

Thankfully there is some of the ladies man from Eric in my son's. Evan spent many days after school playing with his friend Mura.

A little while later I saw them kissing in the front hall.

Ethan was off to join his sister at Sim State University. He has decided to major in Mathematics.

One night not long after Ethan had left for College I woke to the sound of a large car pulling up outside, I looked out the window and saw Evan sneaking out. I was going to wait up and talk to him but I figure as long as this sort of thing doesn't interfere with his school work I'll let it slide for now. Evan is very different from his sister.

Evan, always looking for a new experience having heard about my seeing Eric went out in the backyard one night. I saw the two of them making faces at each other. I just had to shake my head.

Evan is now off to Sims State University as well. It's going to be very quiet here in our house alone.

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Anonymous said...

Knowledge sims and their crazy wants! At least he should have a great time in Uni, waking up each morning with the want to do assignments.