Friday, July 25, 2008

Chantilly Dorm

Dylan has decided to study dram at University as this would give her the best foundation to becoming a Rock God.

Any chance she got Dylan was playing and instrument. The dorm actually had guitar, bass, drums and a piano. Dylan was in heaven.

Darcy dreamed of becoming a Hall of Famer so she chose Literature as her major.

One of Darcy’s favorite pastimes was painting. She hoped one day to be as good as her sister Faith.

Ethan Flylar’s goal in life was to have 6 grandchildren. In order to do that he felt he needed to get a good education and find a good career that paid well. In order to do this Ethan figured he should major in Mathematics.

In his spare time Ethan would find his way to the piano. He’d always love listening to his mother Marisa playing and wanted to be as good as she was.

Like their siblings before them Dylan, Darcy & Ethan found themselves studying together despite the differences in majors.

One evening when Darcy went to join in the poker came she noticed someone at the table who she had never met. Darcy instantly took a liking to him. She soon found out that his name was Ashley Pitts.

Darcy and Ashley started spending a lot of time together.

Darcy and Ashley's first date started out really well. But then things changed....

Ashley was hit by lightning while in the hot tub, this brought their date to a screaming halt.

Much to Darcy’s delight the first date didn’t put Ashley off asking her on a second date and soon enough they were both in love.

Evan being the brightest of the three Flylar children fast tracked through high school and joined his siblings at Sim State University only one year behind his brother Ethan. Being a knowledge sim his big goal in life was to max out 7 skills, he hoped to do this before he finished university. Evan chose Biology as his major.

Not long after Evan arrived at Chantilly Dorm he found himself spending more and more time with Dylan.

The more time Dylan and Evan spent together the closer they got. Darcy wasn't the only one spending quality time in the hot tub.

Neither Evan or Dylan where able to believe how quickly they fell in love but they did.

Ethan soon found himself attracted to Mackenzie Kody one of the other students in his dorm. They would spend hours talking.

Mackenzie and Ethan started spending a lot of time together and where soon a couple.

A little while into the relationship something happened. Ethan didn’t know what it was but Mackenzie wouldn’t even let him give her a friendly hug and she wouldn’t tell him why. The longer this went on the more Ethan wondered if it was even worth trying to make this relationship work.

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craterdweller said...

Wow, lots of new romances. Nice job on the university updates, they can be a handful.