Sunday, July 20, 2008

Becker: Shrinking Family

Amy: With Faith away at university things were a lot quieter at the breakfast table. The twins were able to get a few more words in when we talked about our plans for the day.

Darcy being the popularity sim she is always having friend over after school, mostly boys but I don't think any of them are more than just friends. She certainly isn't the flirt that Faith is.

Much to my surprise Dylan doesn't seem to flirt with any of the boys that come around to the house. She would prefer to work on the old car she picked up at the local mechanic's. I think she leaves the flirting for when she's at school, I think she remember's the time with Faith was sneaking out with Ricky and the disruption it caused in the house.

Faith came by to visit one day, I think she wanted to reassure me that she was doing well at school. She has made the Deans list the past few set's of exams. She doesn't seem to be spending all her time with Ricky. She has become great friends with Ella Flyer, the twins used to spend a lot of time over at their house when they were kids.

Things in my career are also going well. I am now and astranaught. Only a few steps from the top of my career.

Toby is also working his way up to the top of his career track. He's determined to become the Education Minister. Toby has been hosting a lot of dinner parties inorder to socialize with the other teachers and some of the staff at the ministry.

I guess Faith's visit convinced the twins that it was time to go to University. Both Darcy and Dylan have decided to join Faith at Sim State University, Darcy for Liturature and Dylan for Drama. They will be living in the dorm that Faith and Ella where in their first two years.

I didn't know how I would feel when the house was empty of teenagers. I though I wouldn't like it but Toby and I have been able to reconnect. I think I'm going to enjoy this time we have before Faith moves back and starts her family.


Anonymous said...

How quickly they grow up! ^_^

Amy and Toby seems so happy in the last picture though. No "empty nest syndrome" there, I guess!

ciyrose said...

Amy and Toby seem very sweet. I'm glad they aren't struggling with the empty nest syndrome. Maybe it's because they know at least one will come back. :)