Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Becker Family: A New Start

Amy Becker (Adult)
LTW: Graduate 3 children from College
4 sloppy, 4 shy, 4 lazy, 7 playful, 6 nice
Zodiac: Aquarius
Turn Ons: Fitness/ Athletic
Turn offs: Fatness

Faith Becker (Toddler)
9 Neat, 7 Outgoing, 6 Active, 6 Playful, 9 Nice
Zodiac: Virgo


Becker Family4 Hillside Dr.

Amy: Hi, I'm Amy Becker. The moment my boyfriend found out that I was pregnant he couldn't get out the door fast enough. I stayed in the city long enough to have Faith and to get through all the paperwork needed to enlist in the Military. I have always dreamed of helping people and I've always enjoyed sports, the military seemed the ideal fit. Once I received my commission I moved to the town of Chantilly near the base where I would be stationed. Here I can start fresh with Faith and get away from the memories of the big city. Maybe I'll even find someone to help me raise Faith.

Despite everything required by my new job there was always one thing that took most of my time and energy..... Faith... she really didn't like using the potty, getting her to use it on her own was like pulling teeth.

Teaching Faith to talk was much easier, she's really quite smart she's just stubborn.

Thankfully not everything was work and taking care of Faith. A group of my neighbors came round to welcome me to Chantilly. Even Faith seem to like them.

One of my neighbors, Toby, seems really nice. Not too bad on the eyes either.

Faith and I also have fun together, she loves it when I make her giggle and I love to see her beautiful smile and hear her squeal.

Not long after we moved to Chantilly Faith grew into a precocious child. The very first thing she did as a child was to run to the easel and start painting. Do I have a Picasso on my hands?

With my job I was given an obstacle course to set up in the backyard. You have to keep very fit for the military. Faith as always wasn't going to be left behind, she joins me every time I run the course.

Much to Faiths amusement she seemed to be better at running the course than me. The first few times I ran the obstacle course I found myself falling all the time.

All the hard work on my fitness level has payed off. I'm quickly working my way up the ranks. Faith is always ready to celebrate, she loves to dance, as do I.

Enough of my work and family life.... my social life has been going really well too. Toby was ofter stopping by just to say hello. It's always fun when Toby comes over, we love to play red hands... one of these day's I'll beat him at it.

Even Faith seems to have fun with Toby, he even convinced her to go fishing with him in the pond round back.

I finally got up the nerve to ask Toby out. As I don't have a lot of money for a babysitter we had our first date at my place while Faith played in her room.

Toby really is a good dancer. Have I mentioned how much I like to dance?

We even flirted pretty heavily that night. What and incredible first date. I don't think I ever had such a good time just hanging out with someone as I do with Toby.

The next day when I came home form work Toby was waiting for me. He said he had forgotten something the night before. He took me in his arms and kissed me..... wow what a first kiss.... what a kiss!


craterdweller said...

Sorry I've been behind in reading prosperity blogs and just got to this one. You're off to a great start!

ciyrose said...

I'm trying to go through and catch up on I'm on to yours many to read. :) Sounds like a good start and Faith is a cutie!