Thursday, July 10, 2008

Flylar: A Late Start

Eric Flylar
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Graduate 3 children form college
neat 5, outgoing 5, lazy 3, playful 7, nice 5
Zodiac: Tauraus
Turn Ons: formal wear/great cook
Turn Offs: fatness


Flylar Family

3 Hillside Dr.

Eric: Hi my name is Eric. I have spent most of my life hanging out with my buddies playing chess in the park and cards at the pub when the weather isn't good. Recently the last two of my group passed away. This got me thinking about my life and that I would be leaving nothing behind. I know I'm in my sixties but I really would like to have a family. Maybe a new life in a town like Chantilly will help me find that special someone to have a family with.

Not long after moving to Chantilly some neighbors came by to welcome me to Chantilly. What an attractive blonde she is.

I couldn't resist myself I just had to ask Marisa out. Surprise she said yes. Marisa has such beautiful eyes I can't stop looking at them.

Despite wanting more I decided to make our first date very light and fun. Imagine a pillow fight in a public place. I have no idea where Marisa found the pillows but what a great idea. I can't remember when I last laughed so hard.

Only a few days later I asked Marisa out again. She seemed to be having as great a time as I was. Still I tread lightly with a little bit of flirting.

Then a little more flirting.............

Then a lot more flirting......

I can't believe the things I do with Marisa in public but I just can't keep my hands off this woman.

Making out in a public hot tub. I never would have done this in my youth. Youth really is waisted on the young.

By the end of the second date I knew Marisa was the right woman for me. So I asked Marisa to marry me.... she was so excited. I still can't believe that she said yes.

Marisa didn't want a big wedding, she suggested that we get married right then and there.

How could I say no to this wonderful woman.

I know I'm not young and I do want a family, Marisa was ready to start trying right away. It didn't take long before Marisa found herself pregnant.

All too soon there was another member of our growing family. Ella was born mid afternoon one day. Both Marisa and I are completely smitten with her.

Time seems to be flying by so quickly. Next thing we knew it was Ella's birthday.

Ella Flylar
neat 5, outgoing 5, active 9, playful 7, grouchy 1
Zodiac: Scorpio

Ella has my dark hair and Marisa's nose. She's such an active little girl, maybe it's my age but I f find myself exhausted after playing with her and she's ready for more.

Now that we have a toddler I've given up my job in order to give Ella as much time as possible, I loved teaching her how to talk.

Teaching Ella to walk was more what she wanted, now she just runs everywhere.


The Heat Miserette said...

Great writing! Your sims are so likeable. Can't wait to read more!

ciyrose said...

Very fun blog so far. I started reading this one pretty late, so I'm catching up, but I love it so far. Ella is so cute!

craterdweller said...

Nice job getting him married and a father. I always dread rolling up a prosperity neighborhood with too many elders :)