Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sim State University: Chantilly Dorm

Ella Flylar is first of the second generation of Chantilly to enter Sim State University. She chose to take Liturature as this would help towards her goal of becoming a A Rock God.

Faith Becker joined Ella at Sim State University and went into Economics in order to further her dream of becoming head of SCIA.

Ella and Faith had known each other back in Chantilly but they had never really been part of the same gang at Chantilly Academy. They decided that they should get to know each other better. They spent hours just talking and talking. They knew that they would be friends for life.

The two girls despite being different majors would often study together and work on their term papers together.

University wasn't all about studying. Ella was determined to excell at the guitar so every chance she got there she was playing.

Faith on the other hand truned to something unrelated to her intended profession. She loved to paint and figured she could make some extra pocket money by selling her paintings.

Faith soon had another distraction at University. Not long after Faith move to Sim State so did Ricky. They knew they had to do their school work but much of their free time they would spend together.

Ella love to let off steam by playing in the pool at the dorm.

One of the traditions at Chantilly Dorm was nightly poker games, even when no one else showed up you would always find Ella and Faith playing poker.

School and music did take up a lot of Ella's time but she still was a Romance sim and there were many cute guy's waiting to be flirted with.

By the end of their two years in the dorm Ella and Faith would do almost everything together even eat every meal they could. Mostly they only made breakfast together.

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