Monday, July 14, 2008

Becker Family: House of Teens

Amy: Faith is defiantly a teenager, she goes from one personality to the next. When she's not distracted by her boyfriend Ricky she is very focused on her goal of going to University and becoming the Head of SCIA. When she's not cooing over Ricky or has her head in her school books she's painting, always painting. She's getting really good. She says she wants to sell a masterpiece before she goes to University. I don't think she's far off.

All too soon my twins are having another birthday Darcy (left) and Dylan (right) wanted to blow out their candles together. They seem to do everything together, I wonder how much that will change in High School.

Darcy Becker:
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: Become a Rock God
6 neat, 1 shy, 9 active, 7 playful, 8 nice
Zodiac: Cancer
Turn Ons: Fitness/Formal Wear
Turn Off: Stink

Dylan Becker
Aspiration: Popularity
4 messy, 8 outgoing, 6 active, 7 playful, 10 nice
Zodiac: Libra
Turn Ons: Red Hair/blond Hair
Turn Off: Full Face Makeup

At least with three teens in the house we can still have fun together. Dancing is always the one thing we can agree on.

I never understood what Toby and Faith saw in the game Punch you Punch me but I've grown to realize that it is actually quite a lot of fun. Darcy has shown me the way.

Despite having a different father than her sisters Faith really do look a lot like them Dylan (left), Darcy (middle) Faith (right).
My girls are almost all grown up.

The difference's in my twins is starting to show. Dylan has started to show a great interest in gardening. Toby built her a small greenhouse in the backyard so she can garden all year round, and we can all have fresh veggies.

Darcy, much like her sister Faith is always having friends over. Darcy loves playing games, especially chess. No one in the family stands a chance against her so she won't often play against us but her friend Christie is quite a match for her. These two could be at it all night if I didn't send Christie home and Darcy to bed.

Well Faith has finally done it, she's sold her first masterpiece. She really is good at this art thing, I don't know why she wants to go into the Intelligence business.

One last thing for Faith to do before she heads of to University, say her goodbye's to Ricky. He will be joining her soon though. I hope she is able to focus enough on her studies to get through University. With no restrictions I don't know what she'll get up to once Ricky joins her.

After much research Faith has decided to go to Sim State University. She is going to major in Economics. She says this will give her the greatest advantage in her chosen career path.


Melissa said...

Great update, as usual. Love the red-headed girls.

craterdweller said...

What out for Ricky, he can be a player :)