Monday, July 14, 2008

Flyler: Changing of the Guard

Marisa: A lot has changed in our household this week. I'm still getting over the shock of it all. But I'll start with the good things.

Eric has loved being a father right from the moment Ella was born. The pair of them were almost inseparable. They would play red-hands and dance any chance they got.

Although Eric love to play and had fun with Ella, he also made sure his little girl did well in school. Often he would help Ella with her homework when she came home from school so they would have more time to play after.

We also added a third member to our family. Our second little boy Evan was born on the weekend when everyone was home. Ella as always was very curious, she kept poking at Evan to get a better look at him.

As always Eric took the lead in teaching Ethan how to walk, talk and to potty train him. They would spend hours in the nursery playing and learning. I'm not sure who had more fun Eric or Ethan.

I always knew that Eric would die before me but I just wasn't ready for it to happen so soon. Eric had just put Evan to bed, when he turned around there was the Reaper waiting for him. At first he didn't want to go and then he realized that it was his time. Eric had his fun in his youth with his buddies in the city and then came to Chantilly and brought three wonderful children into this world, three children that would always carry a part of him. Eric had changed my life completely and I will always love him for it.

Even little Ethan knew it was a sad time. Ethan couldn't understand that Daddy wasn't coming to play and sing nursery rhymes in the play room anymore.

In all the sadness I never realized how close to the kids birthday's we were. The day after Eric passed away Evan became a toddler. I didn't know how I was going to be able to give all the attention Eric had to the children and keep working.

Evan Flyler
5 neat, 6 outgoing, 7 active, 7 playful, 8 nice
Zodiac: Libra

It was also Ethan's birthday. I felt so bad that we didn't even have a cake for him. I don't really know how I was able to keep going, I just did.

I never expected the help I got from Ethan. Ella had enjoyed playing with Ethan but never really helped with teaching him anything. One of the first things Ethan did was sit down with Evan and sang nursery rhymes. It made me cry to see how close Ethan and Even we're becoming. Eric would have loved to see his two boy's like this.


Melissa said...

Awww! Bye, Eric. Short, but sweet. I didn't know that kids could teach the toddlers the nursery rhyme. Great tip!

Anonymous said...

That was a really bittersweet story. Especially the part about daddy not coming to play, made me blink away a small tear. It is good to see the children get along though.

Narrator MD said...

Hello there! I came across a link to your blog on a Sims forum and thought I'd check it out.

Looks like you have a sweet little neighborhood so far! That's neat that you have Marisa in one of your families--I've been thinking of marrying her into one of mine. She's always off taking care of the children when she comes with the Welcome Wagon.

craterdweller said...

So sad to see Grim come for Eric so soon! And in the baby's room no less.

Great update.

ciyrose said...

What a sweet but sad little story. It's hard to watch the elders die, and even worse when they've got the adorable little kids.