Sunday, July 13, 2008

Becker Family: Teenage Hormones

Amy: My daughter Faith has been bringing home many friends since she started High School, especially this one boy Ricky. I'm not sure how I feel about this, Ricky seems nice enough but I'm just not sure.

At least Faith is hanging out with her friends here at our place where I can keep an eye on them. If she was always at her friends place I'd never know what she was getting into. Faith is a good girl but I just don't know with these hormones, it's brought out some strange behavior in my eldest daughter.

Faith was never one to jump on the furniture... well maybe only on her bed but never on the sofa and these flips she keeps doing, I'm afraid she's going to hit her head one of these days, she really does get a lot of hight off that sofa.

I thought Faith had really lost it when she started digging up the front garden. Everyday when I came home from work there was another hole. But then one day she comes running into the house with this old rumpled piece of paper yelling...... "LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! We have to go to Twiki Island for a holiday, I think it's treasure map!!" Well even if it is a treasure map we just can't afford to go on vacation right now. One day we'll find out if there is something too this map.

With all the antic's in this house we now have two toddlers grown into children. We didn't do much for the twins birthday but we did get a cake. First was Darcy.

Then it was Dylan's turn to blow out her candles with Darcy cheering her on.

I think everyone in this family loves to dance and the twins especially. Dylan really is Daddy's little girl, much more so than Darcy.

Dylan likes do dance too but she seems to like spinning a lot more than Darcy. What a rambunctious set of twins we have.

Typical teenager, Faith has a pimple so she won't go out or have friends over she just talks on the phone for hours on end.

I think things have gotten a little more serious between Faith and Ricky. I don't think they realized that I was sitting by the window when they we're cuddling on the front porch.

With both Toby and I working our way up the career ladder we have a little more money so we decided to get the girls into the local private school Chantilly Academy. We had the headmaster over for dinner to talk to him about the girls. Toby made him his famous Bass with Spinach right from our own back yard. I think he was really impressed. So now the girls are going to a new school. I don't think Faith is too happy as she won't be able to see Ricky every day now.

I soon figured out why Faith got over not seeing Ricky everyday. The other night I caught her sneaking out with the boy. I never would have thought if of my little girl. I guess she's not a little girl anymore, she'll be looking into Colleges soon.

We had a little talk with the twins about why Faith wasn't allowed out after school for the next week and that she wasn't aloud to watch TV either. We told them that Faith had gone out with friends after bed time when she thought everyone was asleep and that there were consequences to breaking the rules.

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