Monday, July 28, 2008

Flylar: Empty House

Marisa: With all the kids away at College things here are very quiet.

I started to get alittle depressed and spent a lot of time out by Eric's grave. I yelled, I cried but things didn't really get any better.

I soon came out of that funck and decided to get fit. I still had the obstical course from my military days.

I figured since our eldest daughters were best friends and our younger kids were dating we should get to know each other better so I invited the Beckers over for dinner.

I also found myself spending a lot of time in the greenhouse and soon had a Bronze Badge in gardening.

Ethan came around one evening and we talked about the renevations I was thinking of doing around the house. I figure when he comes home the family would grow quite quickly.

After a lot of planning and a lot of mess I had the main floor redone and the outside painted. I think it looks really good.

After the dinner with the Becker's, Amy and I soon became good friends. She came over to see the renevations and then she said.... "you've done a makeover on your house now it's time to do one on you".

Amy helped me and we re did my hair and a bit of makeup. I feel a whole new person. Ethan won't know what to think when he comes home again.

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