Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ella's Pad

Ella: Well, I'm fianly done school and I can start to really work on my dream of becoming a Rock God. I found this fabulous place on the lake, I just had to buy it.

I realize this place is a little small for more than me but untill Castor is done at Sim State I just had to have it. It's a loft and all open plan, lot's of window. I just can't affort much inside just yet.

Castor asked me on a date one day and told me we where going to this new restaurant called Chantilly Chop House. He was all dressed up, he looks so good in a suit.

I should have expected it but I didn't, I couldn't belive my eyes when he put the little black box on the table in the middle of dinner.

The ring was gorgeous, I couldn't belive he could afford such a ring.

So now we're engaged, I just can't stop looking at this ring on my finger.

I've found myself spending a lot of time doing the crossword in the daily paper, I'm actually getting quite good at them. I don't really have much else to entertaine me as home as I spent most of my money on this house.

I can afford to go out sometimes and I've found that going bowling with friends is actually a lot of fun.

I find myself talking with friends on the phone. Things are a little different living on your own and not running a Greek house, not so many friends just stop by anymore.

I'm starting to work my way up the music career path. Right now I'm a Roadie. A bit more money in the pocket too.

Castor finally finished school and has moved in with me.

Castor Nova
LTW: Become Game Designer
4 messy, 4 shy, 6 active, 5 playful, 6 nice
Zodiac: Virgo
Turn On's: Formal Wear/Makeup
Turn Off: Stink

Between my better pay checks and a chunk of money Castor had we decided to stay at my place and add on to it. I'm so happy we can stay in this place, I love it so much.

We bought a pool table for the ground floor. We spend a lot of time playing.

Castor dreams of being a Game Designer are on the back burner right now as there aren't any jobs in his field. We've decided that he will stay home till he can get the right job. He's taken an interest in cooking and keeps trying out new dishes on me.

Dinner is so much better when Castor cooks. I never knew pork chops could taste so good.

But the best thing about our place is the music room Castor put together. We've got a guitar, bass and drums. Also he put in some really cool lights so it's like being in a club. There's even a sofa and a bar so our friends can come over and jam with us or just chill out.


craterdweller said...

I love the modern house. Very fitting for an aspiring Rock God.

ciyrose said...

The house is really nice, I like all the windows. That music room looks/sounds pretty awesome too.