Sunday, August 24, 2008

Becker #1: Growing Up

Faith: Ken has been spening a lot of his time getting to know his cousin's. Most day's this week he brought home one of his cousin's from school. Andrew Nova was one of the first.

Ken was soon best friends with Jason Becker. They seem to have the most in common.

Keith and I still seem to be able to have some fun together. It helps that the boys are much more self sufficient now.

Kevin got a part time job in the education field and soon worked his way up to the top of the teen career. This should help for more scholarships for University. He's working on getting at least 4 scholarships.

Keith and I figured it was time to get the boys into Chantilly Academy so we invited the head master over. I wasn't difficult, I guess as I went there with my sisters helped some.

My mum was more than happy to help the boys with their skills. She helped Keith with his logic skills.

She also helped Kyle with his mechanical skills. Kyle went from disgusted to intrigued by the surgical procedures.

When the boy's where in bed Keith and I would often find ourselves playing pool. It's nice to be able to winde down in the games room after a long day.

My dad has been passing on the family love of gardening. He now has a golden badge and helped Kevin to obtain his bronze badge. Kevin says he's going to start a garden at he family Greek house when he gets there. I don't think he realized how little time he will have for that.

My little twins have now entered their teen years. A little less fit than I would like but...

Kenneth Becker
LTW: Become Head of Poseidon
6 neat, 4 shy, 4 lazy, 4 serious, 7 nice
Turn Ons: Makeup/Red Hair
Turn Off: Facial Hair

Kyle Becker
LTW: Become Captain Hero
5 neat, 4 shy, 4 lazy, 5 playful, 8 nice
Zodiac: Aquarius
Turn Ons:
Turn Off:

Ken thought it would be funny to pick on his older brother now that he was bigger than him. He decided to give him a noogie.

Kevin soon showed him the error of his ways. Despite being a little smaller Kevin was much fitter and stronger.

Once the boys had settled who was stronger they soon became best of friends.

Kevin was now more determined than ever to stay fit. He would never let his little brother beat him physically.

My parent continue to amaze me. They are still just as much in love as they where when they got married.

Kevin has raked in 5 scholarships so he is off to Sim State University.

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Kristine said...

Nice update! Congrats to the boys on getting into Chantilly Academy! My sims always seem to grow into there teen years fat. I guess I don't concentrate on body skill that much :)