Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nova: Life Together

Ella: Castor and I have decided it's time to get married so we did most of the planning over breakfast. We don't want a big ceremony, just the family.... well my family he's not on speaking terms with his family.

The wedding was short and sweet. People thought we were crazy because we had our wedding outside in the snow but that's what made it so beautiful.

Just because we are now married doesn't mean we're going to get all serious. We still love to dance any chance we get.

I started feeling nauseaus not long after the wedding. Not my favorite feeling in the world.

As I suspected, I'm pregnant. I 'm not sure what kind of mother I'll be but I'm kind of excited about having a child.

With a big belly I didn't think going on tour with my band was a good idea so I stayed at home and caught up with all of my friends. On my quest for Rock God Status I did let some friendships slip.

Castor is working hard at his skills in order to make it to the top of his career.

I can't believe how hungry I am, I guess i am eating for two. Castor is so good, he keeps making me pancakes as that's all I'm craving.

We now have a lovely little boy. Andrew Nova, he has red hair (not sure where that came from) and my blue eyes.

Castor can't get enough of our little boy. He's so thrilled to be a father.

All that baby fat has got to go. I can't get back up on stage until it's gone, none of my costumes fit anymore.

We didn't do anything big for Andrew's birthday, just the three of us and a birthday cake.

Andrew Nova
5 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 10 playful, 1 grouchy
Zodiac: Gemini

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ciyrose said...

It's crazy how many grouchy children are being born....