Saturday, August 16, 2008

Becker #1: Chaos & Birthday's

Faith: It's been such a crazy time here at the Becker house. A lot has happened and I havent' really had much control. I found when I was pregnant that playing the piano helped to calm my baby. It also helps to calm my nerves.

While I was off from work I made sure I spent lots of time with Kevin. I often found myself reading to him.

While I was in the middle of giving birth my parent both became elders. It was quite an eventful day.

No wonder I found the baby was always awake, there were two of them. Kenneth (Ken) has blonde hair and blue eyes and Kyle who has red hair and blue eyes.

Thank goodness for my parents. The twins where a lot of work, with their help it gave me time to still help Kevin with his homework.

Mum helped with Keving too, she started teaching him on the surgical dummy. I think my mum enjoyed it more than Kevin but he would never say anything.

It wasn't long till we had another birthday, the twins soon becomae toddlers.... they require soooo much time. At this point Mum decided to retire.

Kenneth (Ken) Becker
6 neat, 4 shy, 4 lazy, 4 serious, 7 nice

Kyle Becker
5 neat, 4 shy, 4 lazy, 5 playful, 8 nice
Zodiac: Aquarius

It's nice to see that my parent are still very much in love.

Keith has work very hard for this day, he finally became Captain Hero and is now also a perma plat sim like me and my parents.

I love watching my twins playing together. It's the only time they aren't demanding something from the rest of us.

Kevin has always had a special relationship with his grandparents. The always see to have fun together.

As I said it's been a busy time. Again a birthday, the twins are now children.

Ken Becker

Kyle Becker

Ken is always playing on the piano, he's like me that way. He's getting very good at it too.

Kyle on the other hand always seems to be cleaning up after the rest of us.

I can't belive my eldest is now a teenager. We had a big party for him, my sisters came over and my best friend Ella joined us for the big day.

Kevin Becker
LTW: Become Celebrity Chef
7 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 9 playful, 1 grouchy
Zodiac: Aries
Turn Ons: Fitness, Formal Dress
Turn Off: Stink

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ciyrose said...

YAY!! Some nice kids!! I am REALLY behind I know, but I'm trying to catch up on about a million blogs. Enjoying it!