Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nova: More Space

Ella: I thought with the renovations our house was big enough for the three of us. I was wrong. We found a new house down the street, still on the lake.

I don't think Andrew really cares, aslong as he can play he's happy. Drawing is one of his favorites.

Castor has been great with Andrew, he taught him how to walk.

Castor also taught him how to talk. He left the potty training to me.

I'm not sure how Faith does it with three kids. One is enough for us, Castor and I still manage to find time to spend together. Don't get me wrong I love Andrew but I think he's enough.

We invited family and friends over for Andrew's birthday. Faith and Keith brought their eldest Kevin over. I couldn't belive Faith has a teenager.

I think the party and the cake was more for Castor and I, I don't think Andrew will remember much of this.

Andrew Nova

It was great having Faith over. With work and our kids we haven't had much time to see each other. We spent the night talking away while the boys and the kids played.

Andrew seems to have taken a liking to chess. I used to play a lot as a teenager I just haven't since.

Well I just had to laugh with I saw Andrew playing with the podium. It made me think back to my days at the Greek House.

Like his grandfather Andrew has taken a liking to gardening. Castor and I don't have much time for it so we only have an apple tree. Maybe we'll grow some more plants next spring.

Andrew's such a good boy, we never have to tell him to do his homework.

Castor has finally done it. He's become a Game Designer and is now a permanent platinum sim.

Saturday mornings are great, Castor makes us pancakes and we take our time over breakfast.

Andrew and I are always playing Red Hands, we're evenly matched neither one of us wins more games than the other.

When I'm out at work the boys always seem to find themselves playing video games together. Boys will be boys.

On Sunday morning I found Andrew had gotten up earl and was eating the left over pancakes from Saturday's breakfast. I think it's his favorite food.

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