Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cupiditas Domus: Younger Siblings

The younger siblings have taken over the Greek House. A normal day usually consists of playing games whether it be pool or poker there is always someone playing.

In between the games they gang do get some studying done. Often you will find all four of them in the study doing research or writing their term papers.

With all the scholarship money everyone was raking in they were able to put in a pool and a nice patio. In the warmer weather a lot of time was spent outside.

Many of the Greek House parties would be held outside. The patio was a great place for dinner on the BBQ.

The Greek House also had a small fitness room and Dylan and Evan where often found working out together.

A new pledge to the House was Lily Perkman. She had an interesting sense of style but everyone found her a lot of fun to be around, especially Ethan.

With things on the rocks with Mackenzie Ethan was starting to notice other girls around. Lily was the one his eye always turned to.

Evan had been determined to max out all 7 skills before leaving Sim State. He become a perma plat in his Junior year.

Once Lily became a full member of Cupiditas Domus she spent a lot of time there. Most of it with Ethan. They where soon best friends.

Like his brother Ethan would spend a lot of time working out. It was one of many things that Lily and he had in common.

It wasn't long before Lily and Ethan found themselves in love. Mackenzie and her yo-yo mood swings where left in the past.

Evan had everything he wanted but one. One night after a study session with Dylan he proposed. Dylan was thrilled to say yes.

Love was in the air at Sim State University. Ashley proposed to Darcy and she said yes, though she still had some reservations, Ashley being a romance sim and all.

With everyone else around him engaged Ethan couldn't wait to propose to Lily. They started making plans for the wedding right away.

Ethan realized after he proposed that Lily had never met his mother so he invited her over to meet Lily.

Lily and Marisa where soon fast friends. Ethan couldn't be happier. Marisa hadn't really liked Mackenzie.

The years at Sim State soon came to an end. Time for one last party, everyone had a great time.


Melissa said...

Fantastic Round 6! Ah, Sim love is grande.

Anonymous said...

Great update, but I really have a hard time to tell Evan and Ethan apart