Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nova: Growing Up

Andrew brought one of his cousins, Catherine Flylar over to play after school. He always seems to have someone join him at home after school.

I've been working with Andrew to make sure he stays fit. My best friend Faith's twins aren't in the best of shape.

We had some family and friends over for dinner to celebrate Andrew's birthday.

Andrew was more focused on the cake and the pork chops, but he did have to wait for all of us to blow out the candles.

Andrew Nova
LTW: Become Celebrity Chef
5 neat, 6 outgoing, 9 active, 10 playful, 1 grouchy
Zodiac: Gemini
Turn Ons: makeup/hard worker
Turn Off: brown hair

We figured it was time Andrew went to the private school that Ethan, Evan and I went to. We invited the headmaster over for dinner.

Like my father and me before him Andrew has taken a liking to playing in the dirt. Andrew built a green house in the backyard so he could grow his own tomatoes. He soon had a bronze badge in gardening.

Andrew and I had a long conversation over breakfast one morning. We talked of career's and the idea of Andrew going to University early. He's a bright kid so I think he'll do alright. Faith's son Kevin will be going as well so he won't be alone.

Andrew has always had a creative flare so he invited a friend over and offered her a makeover. I found out when he came over that her mother and I had hung around together at High School.

Tina was thrilled with the makeover. Andrew really is good at this makeover stuff. Tina was so happy with it she asked Andrew on a date. What was a romance sim to say......

I gather Andrew had a great time with Tina but nothing serious came of it.

My little boy is now off to Sim State University.

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Kristine said...

Good luck to Andrew at University! Looking forward to an update!