Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pitts: Getting Into a Routine

Darcy: We seem to have gotten ourselves in to a routine. Nothing overly exciting but I'm kind of enjoying it. The twins are now children and are attending Chantilly Public school along with most of their cousin's.

Abigale Pitts

Aiden Pitts

It's nice to know that even though they are getting older the twins still get along really well. They will often run around the house playing together.

Our mornings are basically the same everyday. Both Ashley and I have jobs that allow us to have breakfast with the kids almost every day.

I find this the funniest thing. Every so often I find Abigale playing pirates in the bathtub. I think she's been getting ideas from her uncle Keith's stories of the pirate ship.

Aiden has been spending a lot of time with his cousin Kyle. I like being able to see my sister's kids grow up with mine.

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Melissa said...

Funky bathtub! I like it.