Monday, July 28, 2008

Becker Family: Honeymoon

It was so nice to step off the plane to the warmth of Twikkii Island. It wasn't long from the airport to our hotel, where we were quickly checked in.

The first thing we did after putting our things in the room was head to the beach. Unfortunately Keith did get a bit of a sunburn.

Both of us chose to take lessons in different local customs. I decided to learn how to do hot stone massage.

Keith was fascinated with the Fire Dance so he took lessons. He's quite good now.

The second day we went to see the pirate ship. Keith had a great time. He loves pretending he's a pirate.

I joined Keith for awhile on the pirate ship but then I thought I would get to know some of the locals.

Most nights we had dinner in the privacy of our own balcony overlooking the ocean. It was so romantic.

We've had a lot of fun learning all about the local activities here on the island. Both Keith and I enjoyed learning the Hula Dance. It will be so much fun teaching Ella when we get back.

After realaxing for a few days we decided to see if there was anything to this map I found all those years ago. We found this out of the way hut with a hermit living in it. We helped him fix a few of the appliances around his home and then he gave me a neat gift. I can't wait to show Mum.

It's been such a great vacation, it will be nice to go home but I'll miss how realaxing it's been here on the island. Maybe we'll be able to bring our kids here in the future.

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