Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spring 2010: Chantilly Tech

Spring 2010: Henry Pitts, Addison Becker, Meadow Thayer and Hannah Becker are all 18.

Studying.JPG After all the parties of their fist semester at University it was time to get down to some serious work. Henry and Addison headed over to the computer lab to work on their papers.

Distracted.jpg Hannah thought she would be able to work on her paper at the dorm but she always found something other than her paper to think about.

Early morning workout.jpg When she finaly decided that her head was too distracted she would head to the gym for an hour or two of cardio.

Video Games.jpg Meadow was having an easy time of things and was often to be found at the dorm playing video games.

Coffee Date.jpg Spring semester wasn't all about the work though. Henry and Meadow where often to be found at the coffee shop.

Kareoke.jpg Addison would drag Hannah to the Kareoke place in Chantilly. Addison could sing all night long if Hannah would let her.... she wouldn't.

Study.jpg As finals got closer and closer group study sessions became more common. It was harder to duck out on studying if there where a whole group in one room.

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