Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spring 2010: Sim State

Spring 2010 : Frederick Pitts, Justin Flylar, Miriam Nova and Loren Becker are 18, Daniel Becker, Edward Becker, Bailey Nova, Ivy Ngai, Juan St Julien, Allie Stone are 20.

Sim State Dorm

Oh boy.jpg The winter break didn't seem to bring an end to the antics at Sim State. Frederick thought it would be funny to just go about his normal day at the dorm in the nude. Everyone tried to leave it alone but really?!

Prank1.jpg Frederick wasn't the only one up to games. On night when the gang was at the Student Union Miriam thought it would be funny to put soap in the fountain.

Alone.jpg Despite all of his high jinks Frederick would go to bed alone. He still had hopes of getting back together with Diana and he didn't want anything to put that in jeopardy even though they weren't a couple anymore.

papers.jpg Justin and Miriam would spend almost all of their time together. They would even allocate time together to work on term papers.

sleep.jpg They had also given up any idea that they didn't share a bed. There was only one dorm room they used now.

Late night Eats.jpg Loren would often spend so much time studying that she would forget to eat until 2 or 3am and then she would have to make it herself.... mac and cheese it was, that was all she had the energy for.

movies.jpg With the nice weather the dorm pool had opened up again and they would spend a least some time everyday in it. Miriam would sometimes even forgo lunch just to spend more time in the pool.


Cupiditas Domus

Breakfast.jpg Over at the Greek House things had settled into a routine. Weekend pancake breakfast's, usually at about 2pm, were a must.

Bubbles.jpg Almost every weekend there was a Toga party too but as the spring weather was so nice most people ended up in their bathing suits instead. Often the keg was passed over in favor of the bubble blower.

Sleeping.JPG When the two couples had gone to bed for the night all tucked up with their significant other, no one realized what Edward was up too.

Poker.jpg Everyone thought Edward was still downstairs playing poker by himself. It was how they had left him when they all went off to bed.

Coffee DAte.jpg On Friday and Saturday nights when there wasn't a party on Edward would make his way back to Chantilly to visit his phone buddy. Holly thought that she had introduced Claire Green and Edward, little did she know that they had met months before at a club downtown and had spent many a late night on the phone together.

Chat.jpg Edward and Claire spent many an evening just talking over coffee. They had found a nice little cafe in Chantilly that so far no one in the family had discovered yet.

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