Thursday, August 28, 2014

September 2015: Pitt’s–Thayer Wedding

Meadow:  We didn’t have a large wedding, I was nervous enough with just the family and a few friends.

The ceremony was short and sweet, no long vows like some weddings we have been to.

Now we are officially Mr. and Mrs. Thayer, yep Henry decided to take my name, he has three brothers that can carry on the Pitt’s name.

Anthony and Hannah made short speeches but still managed to embarrass us a bit.  We've all been friends for so long there were bound to be stories.

Pillow Fight
Henry, being the goof he is managed to hide away a pillow and started a pillow fight before dinner. 

Family Dinner
For dinner Henry sat with his parents and his younger brother Matthew (he hid from the camera every time it came close).

Ladies Dinner
I sat with my ladies, Hannah, Tamara and Addison.

Friends Dinner
No surprise that Diana was at a table with all the guys.  I dont’ think Frederick was worried.  They seem to only have eyes for each other these days.

The DJ was great and we all danced the night away.

Dance Goof
In true Henry fashion he started dancing like a goof.

Who am I to argue, I joined in the goofy dancing.  Three months pregnant and it was a great night. 

Posed Photo’s

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maisie said...

This was a lovely wedding Andrea, I really liked seeing all the pretty dresses on the dance floor, and Henry with Meadow dancing so goofy. It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves, and the toast was sweet, even if it was a bit embarrassing for the newlyweds.

ciyrose said...

A very pretty wedding.