Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Summer 2012: Lind

Summer 2012: Korey Lind is 62, Sarah Lind is 57, Frederick Pitts is 20, Diana Lind is 19, Molly Lind and Lana Connor are 6.

Surprise.jpg Sarah: We've had quite the surprise in our family this year. I thought I was past the ability to have another child and then I found out that I was pregnant. I was really worried about how the girls would react to this. Molly is thrilled that she's going to have a younger sibling.

Sewing.jpg Diana came's home on the weekends and I don't think she was too thrilled about her 57 year old mother was pregnant. At least she is now able to make curtains rather than more pot holders.

Just Talk.jpg I found out later from Molly but Diana invited Frederick over later that evening to talk to. I knew they where talking to each other again. Obviously things are little more complicated than that.

Slip.jpg Molly said she went to watch a movie when Diana and Frederick closed the bedroom door.

Talk.jpg The next day Diana invited Brandon over for a heart to heart talk. I'm glad she has someone to talk to about everything. I know she won't talk to me about Frederick.

Sleepover.jpg Molly, thank goodness is a normal little girl. She has been spending most of her summer with her best friend Lana Connor.

Slumber Party.jpg It's kind of fun when the girls actually want me to join in on their slumber parties.

Furture.jpg When I get overwhelmed with all that is going on Korey is great. We could spend hours on end lying watching the stars and talking about our future. Things will defiantly be different with our third child.

I never expected Sarah to have a 3rd child. I heard the pregnancy chimes at one of the parties another sim had but I couldn't figure out who was pregnant. Baby Lind will be born Spring 2013.


Mrs. Stuffy said...

"at the parties of another sim" . . . ummmm, must of been a photo booth or elevator around. That's funny and a BIG surprise. I love unplanned babies!!! Hopefully they get a boy.

jungfrun68 said...

Well, maybe the kid will be able to get the "orphanage scolarship"

ciyrose said...

You gotta love those surprise babies. At least you had and heard the chimes. I'm using silent pregnancy in my fellowship one hood and I never know when a baby is going to pop up.