Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring 2011: Flylar

Spring 2011: Abigail and Tara Flylar are 55, Jacob Flylar is 17.

Chores.jpg Jacob spends his days doing his chores.

Homework.jpg Doing his homework.

Workout.jpg Working out, he doesn't want to get fat.

Skywatch.jpg Given the chance he will spend hours in the evening stargazing.

Sim State Recruiter.jpg The phone call from the University Recruiter was the last straw for Jacob but how to tell his mothers that he doesn't want to join his brother or girlfriend at University. They will be so disappointed.

Painting.jpg He spent a week procrastinating by painting the portrait of Abigail.

Talk.jpg Dinner wasn't what he expected the night he told his mothers. "It's not like I want to work in a factory. I want to be a chef, what degree is going to give me the experience that working in a kitchen will? "

Play.jpg Abigail left the dinner table and went to play with the dogs.

pillowtalk.jpgThat night Tara and Abigail just stared at each other, what could they really do Jacob would be 18 soon and it was his decision what he would do with his life.


jungfrun68 said...

Why don't you send Jakob to Uni? Do you have some special rule, that they can't go if they don't roll the want or something?

Andrea said...

I'm trying to let my sims dictate their lives and Jacob has never rolled up a want to go to university. As his LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef I figure he doesn't need to go to university to fulfill it.