Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spring 2012: Newson

Spring 2012: Kyle and Ginger Newson are 56 and Stewart Newson is 16.

New Workshop.jpg Kyle: With Tamara off at University I have converted her old bedroom to a workshop. I haven't repainted yet but getting my toys made is more of a priority.

Busy1.jpg Becker Toy's is getting really busy these days. I need to hire someone to take over the cash so I can spend more time with the customers.

KoreyAndrew.jpg I do have to admit that I spend some time playing darts with the boys when they come in. That is becoming a more regular event.

Difficult Customer.jpg I'm still working on figuring out some clients moods. There is always one customer that you just can't please.

Dinner.jpg I try to get home for dinner most nights, Ginger is often inviting student teachers from the University over. She sees herself as a mentor to these young kids.

Late Night.jpg Most nights however I'm eating re-heated leftovers by myself.

Homework.jpg Stewart is a very studious boy. He will always get his homework done on time. Probably because his mother is his teacher.

Painting.jpg When he isn't doing homework he's working on his artwork. I don't see any of the girls that he used to hang out with anymore, when I brought it up he just went back to painting. I guess something happened and he doesn't want to talk about it.

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