Friday, September 3, 2010

Winter 2012: Nova Winter Vacation

Winter 2012: Andrew Nova is 61 and Kerry Nova is 59.

Check IN.jpg Kerry Nova: Andrew decided to surprise me with a beach vacation. He says its for my 60th birthday that will happen later this year. He whisked me off to Twikkii Island for a few days of glorious sun.

Private.jpg I guess in our moments of friskiness we didn't realize that there was actually someone around.

Rainy.jpg The first night was quite rainy so we spent it cuddling in our cabin.

Suana.jpg The next day was still rainy so we went to the spa. It was so nice to relax in the sauna.

Massage.jpg I left Andrew in the sauna and went for my hot stone massage..... it was so nice to relax.

Relax.jpg I found Andrew later lounging on a hammock. I don't think he's quiet got the idea of relaxing, he was still in his suit.

Puddle.jpg I think Andrew thought I was asleep when he went to play in the puddle on our balcony one night.

Snack.jpg After Andrew crawled into bed I got up for a midnight snack.

Sun tan.jpg We finally got a nice sunny day so we decided to spend it on the beach and relax.

Dinner.jpg We decided to go to one of the larger hotels for a romantic dinner. It's so nice to just spend time together, not worrying about work.

Dancing.jpg Our last night was so wonderful, we didn't want to go to bed and miss out on any time we had left.

Going HOme.jpg Despite the rain through a lot of our vacation I was still disappointed to leave that morning. We will have to come back here someday.

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jungfrun68 said...

I'm glad they weren't upset by the rain