Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Winter 2013: Pitts

Winter 2013: Jordan Pitts is 56, Aiden Pitts is 55, Colin Pitts is 17 and Matthew Pitts is 9.

Colin: I'm still dating Kea, she's so easy to hang out with. She loves to play pinball almost as much as I do.

2.jpg Lot's of other things we like to do together too.

3.jpg Sometimes I hear noises from my parents room that I really don't want to hear.

4.jpg Mum recently went shopping at the new supermarket in the north end of Chantilly. It's been a really mild winter so far but I think the plants at the supermarket at fake.

5.jpg She said it was really nice, clean and a great selection of fresh produce and meat.

6.jpg Dad has been really busy writing papers for work. He wants to make Cheif of Staff and published papers helps his chances.

7.jpg Dad isn't the only one busy at work, there are often nights when Dad will order in Chinese as Mum is busy working on a new game they are developing.

8.png Dad always makes time for Matthew. Matthew loves to dance, he'll grab whoever is around and get them to dance with him.

9.jpg Despite being busy Mum and Dad still try to have a family dinner every week. These days it's more often at the local diner rather than a home cooked meal. I don't mind, I like the burgers at the diner.

I switched the season over to Winter but when Jordan went to the supermarket it still looked like spring.

The supermarket is from Sunni Designs here.


jungfrun68 said...

Nice to have a family outing every week! MAybe I'll introduce it in one of my hoodsat some point

ciyrose said...

Nice little family. I like the grocery store.